dealssteam summer sale 2012, day 3


Correction: Steam just changed the price of Frozen Synapse to $4.99 (now 80% off)


Warhammer: Space Marine is TOTALLY worth the $7


If you're buying borderlands I suggest spending the extra 10 dollars and getting the four pack. The game is extremely mind numbing if you don't have at least 1 other person to play with.


Phew! It took seriously 15 minutes of refreshing, but I finally got into the store page. I was a little worried they were going to run out of licenses for some of the games.

It has happened before at least once that I can remember.


@kikuichimoji: I was having a similar problem and got a bit scared I'd waited too long to buy. If anyone has put off getting Skyrim, now is the time to get it! There is also the Bethesda pack for $49.99 that includes Skyrim, Fallout: New Vegas and a couple other games. Outstanding value.


Penumbra collectors pack (pre-quel to Amnesia: The Dark Decsent) only $4.99!!!!!!
I paid $20 for all 3 games, this is a real steal!