dealsace hardware 3 pk xenon under cabinet puck light…


So, is this something that should be stocked at my local Ace? Or does 13deals not work that way? Never stopped at it before.


@dakranii: Nope. 13deals is their own site. I'd guess they got some overstock from Ace and this is that. You might find some at your local Ace, but it wouldn't be affiliated with 13deals at all.


@dakranii: I'm not sure whether they might have them locally. I couldn't find these on their website, so I just checked the price against similar items there and on Amazon.


These are incandescents which are filled with xenon rather than the usual argon. The fill gas does not make them look like bluish HID lamps which also contain xenon.


Not energy efficient and VERY hot. I'd go with LED's.


@rwelniak: I'll second this, but I don't know if I'd back up the LED recommendation.

I have DLP TV and wanted background illumination -- this was hot enough to cause the 3M Command tape to release it from the back of the TV. Hot glue now holds it in place.

LED (lower quality ones anyway, and it's hard to tell the difference):
1. Dimmer.
2. Color changes over time (blue shift)
3. I've seen several with 60Hz flicker....