dealsroborealm – vision for machines for $39.99…


Chasing light and movement, this may be fun!


Great app, but beware, especially if their are geeks in your neighborhood who know you have the robot. (You were going to show it off?) Since the programming/video occurs over wireless protocol, it would not take much hacking to break the protocol and take over running the robot. i.e. someone hacking could use your own robot against you for nefarious reasons: theft, curiosity, or to see what you are doing in your own home, and could show up on the internet. So make sure your robot is in the closet, power supply is off, or a heavy towel is placed over the unit, when it is not in use.


I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff. But should be fun to chase the dogs around the living room. Hope they don't turn on me and destroy the robot! BTW - just ordered up some super-bright and infrared LEDs and will be installing the lighting hack to improve camera performance. If nothing else, it'll be something else to bother the dogs with. (Geez I need a life!)


I don't get it. What is this?


@neutronned: is it wrong if i would enjoy tormenting my cats in the same manner??

i already do this with RC helicopters that i bought from woot... :)


hmm now to remote control the car :P all ready has sync built in. Car drive to work! yes master