dealsstarbucks - 50% off your purchase of 2 holiday…


I'd pay double for Dunkin before paying 1/2 for Starbucks.


I used to go only for DD coffee. Then Starbucks got me addicted, like only a skilled drug dealer could do. And now I'm just another loyal sheep. I I look down my nose at DD coffee (too weak). I'm sitting in my kitchen right now, enjoying a cup of SB Christmas Blend. My wife hates my coffee because its too strong.

And I have two Macs, too. I know, somebody just shoot me....just wait till I finish my Christmas BOGO.


I deactivated my facebook account. I left facebook because too many companies required signing their fb page. Starbucks --- get your marketing information from a better population sample. FB is not that valuable anymore.


@beaglebrains: So do you like working at Starbucks? Is it good pay? How are the benefits?


Just a heads up that the website says "participating" stores. My licensed store isn't participating in this promo, so other stores might not be as well, especially since this was only announced a few days ago. So if you happen to run into a store that's not accepting BOGO, be nice to your baristas, it's not their fault. And if you do go to a store that is accepting the promo, STILL be nice to your baristas because it probably means that they had to scramble at the last minute to change their schedule and order more products. Happy Holidays and enjoy your drinks :)


Can anybody confirm whether a coupon or anything is required?


@ki4rxm: As long as your store is participating in the promo, no coupon is required. Just make sure you mention BOGO.


@ki4rxm: I'm not sure about all stores, but my local Starbucks had a sign for it the last time this was offered. When I ordered two of the holiday drinks, they automatically made one free.


@gthakral: I set up a second facebook that I use strictly for "liking" websites or vendors to get free/discounted stuff or participating in drawings. My only "friends" are businesses :)


Don't judge me because sit alone with my two drinks. I just really like coffee.


This is only for "Holiday Beverages" - they list them on the website as:

Caramel Brulee Latte
Peppermint Mocha
Gingerbread Latte

No coupon is required - offer only valid December 13th through 16th from 2 PM to 5 PM


Can you use your free drink from gold member awards and also get a BOGO?


I drank a lot of Starbucks while I was in the states over Thanksgiving. I love it a lot, but I started to notice, with each time I went, that my wrists started to get a little more limp when I would point to the board, and my pronunciation of latte started to become a little more "lattaaaay"ish every time. I think I need to cut back next time....


@kmeltzer: what are you thinking posting your opinion here, that kind of behavior is not encouraged. sorry for your downvotes, but i gave you 1 up :/


@cupofworms: Hah.. wow -19! Good thing I don't care about those things :-)

And to think, I didn't even downvote the deal itself, because it's a decent deal. That'll teach me!


@cupofworms: Down votes are for coffee snobbery in general. :) If someone cares about their coffee, they make it themselves. It's just one of those things.


Starbucks goes out of their way to allow open carry in their stores, which makes me feel like a welcome addition to the club. At half off, why not?


@oscaroni: My sister did that. The account has her dog's name. Her dog receives lots of free samples in the mail, too. ;)


@josidhe: It's not snobbery. It's having taste buds.

I happen to make my own coffee every morning (aside extenuating circumstances). I do drip, but usually French Press or single cup via a Vietnamesse coffee filter. So, I very well do care about my coffee. If I'm going to be out and buy some, or get some beans, I'd rather pay double for something good, then pay 1/2 for something bad. This is still a good deal, for the sake of it being a deal... but Starbucks is good coffee as Taco Bell is good Mexican.

I'd also say if you care about your coffee, you wouldn't drink Starbuck's. They over-roast their beans too long, and too high a temperature. They burn them. They roast them until they lose the subtleties they should have.

Downvote all ya want... but burnt beans are burnt beans. The deal, is good though :-)


Now only $8 for 2 coffees! Enjoy!


@kmeltzer: now you went and bashed their taco bell along side their coffee. now you did it.

all games're absolutely right. its most certainly burnt coffee, as I have a family member that works there and verified it burnt. If they were using good quality beans they would never burn it...its burnt to make it seem strong...and to mask the low quality beans

IMO the best tasting and strongest coffee is cold brew...which has 65% less acidity as well.

you can buy a decent cold brewer on amazon for as little as 15 bucks, buy the good quality organic beans, and do it yourself...and save hundreds possibly thousands a year

i dont drink coffee mainly cause it makes breath smell like ass lol and not drinking it for 2 days would give me a headache.

I have found raw chocolate, which is cacao...i buy the nibs at an organic market. Pop a hand full in the AM, and BAMMMM instant energy all day, no crash, without smelly breath or headaches

raw goji cacao energy squares are IT