dealskinect party for xbox360 free!


This is a download by the way. Great post!! I'm sure the kids are gonna enjoy this!


Be sure to grab the add-ons for free as well.


Tried it last night. Looks like a fun way to entertain the kids on a snowy day.


The precursor to this title, "Happy Time Theatre" is a really great game for our family, which includes a 3 1/2 year old. The promo video looks like Happy Time Theatre kicked up to the next level.

When kids of all ages come over to visit, they have a heck of a kid party, dancing around, jumping, just going crazy with this thing. If you have kids and have a kinect, it's by all means worth the download. No plot, just fun scenarios that put you and your living room in the action.


Do I need to already have an XBOX 360 hooked up in order to download this? Or can I save it to a CD? The reason I'm asking is we're giving the XBOX as a birthday gift (after the promotion will be over).


kids are getting an Xbox 360 for Christmas, trick will be to remember to go and download this later


@jspowell99: The game downloads directly to the Xbox, so you can't save it to a CD. Have you thought of upgrading the present to an Xmas gift, or possibly as a combination Xmas/birthday gift?

What you can try is to go to the website and create a free Xbox Live account, and "buy" the game on the website. When the Xbox is unpacked and turned on, you can sign into the account and download the game. You can then change the account's email address and account name so that it becomes their primary Xbox Live account.



You beat me to it, will let you buy and set to download anything and then when you turn on your xbox it will download then. I do this at work all the time.


This is the link so that you add it to your queue to download it once you sign on to your xbox.