dealsforty two flashback t-shirt for $6.00


I don't get it. Must be a hipster thing.


@cavimike: LOL! Well, I hardly consider myself a hipster, just a bibliophile. It's from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy:

"In the first novel and radio series, a group of hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional beings demand to learn the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything from the supercomputer, Deep Thought, specially built for this purpose. It takes Deep Thought 7½ million years to compute and check the answer, which turns out to be 42. The Ultimate Question itself is unknown."

Lazy of me, but that explanation is from Wikipedia.


@belyndag: Also, the hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional beings are mice.


@daruma42: I forgot to mention that! One of my favorite parts! (Although, personally, I think the hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional beings are really CATS!

(Shoutouts to @inkycatz, @purplefeather, @barnabee, @baybei, @lumpthar, @aphroat, @gt0163c, @gmwhit, @lavikinga, @gideonfrost, @pattiq, @sunnyx0r, and @alltheothercatloversonWoot!)


Douglas Adams died way, way too early. He wrote other things besides Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. But out of that series the best line he ever wrote (for my money) was "You can sing to my cat if you like." from the 12th part of HHGG.


@belyndag: Thank you dear, for the heads up. Man, that site is full of the odd peoples. Eesh.


@daruma42: This supports my assertion about cats.