dealsmicro usb otg to usb 2.0 adapter for $0.80 + freeā€¦


@bshannon: Yes, there are a few apps to enable USB OTG, as well as full screen rotation. A few bucks can save someone the trouble, but I'm a fan of rooting and unlocking to get a completely unhindered device. I say that if you're running Android instead of being an iOS automaton, you might as well learn something about how your device works.


It is currently priced at $1.83 (and free shipping) when following the link.

If that's going to break your bank, there are other options on Amazon starting at $.88 and also include free shipping.


@eidelbus: Don't need to root. I use this:


My Sony Tablet S uses these with USB flash drives and external HDD's just fine. Although the external HDD's that do not have an external power source drain the tablets battery like crazy.


These did NOT work with my Nexus 7... some people have said that they do, but I cannot get any thumb drive to show up.


Had one of these for my sgs and sgs ii, worked great on both of them until i accidentally washed the cable in the washing machine and dryer.. oops.. doesn't work so well now. Guess I'm in for at least 2... just in case one ends up in the washing machine again :)


If these are the same that I bought from eForCity, they're great and work with the Nexus 7. You can't go wrong for a less than a buck.


lol @ reselling a dollar cable on ebay. this will work on most android devices with the appropriate kernel. there is an app in Google Play that allows you to mount flash drives. vibrant and s2 will work with the right customer kernel. j5doto fail.


Samsung Vibrant - no
Galaxy S2 - no

Bought just last month and had to resell on eBay.


who would drain power from who?
Err whom???...


Does this work with any/every smart phone?

And on a side note, what would happen if you connected a galaxy and iphone together? Would they fight and who would win?