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Let those who worship film critics' "insights"
Beware word-of-mouth power: the Green Lantern movie is alright.


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I really liked it...and I had really low expectations after seeing the Rotten Tomatoes. Original? He's a character over half a century old and we're seeing his origin story on screen for the first time. Are people really complaining about originality? The problem is that the movie market has been flooded with superhero/comic-book movies. Give it a shot.


@mattjenkins76: I don't think it's about superhero movie saturation. Audiences are not going to settle for an origin story, a character who needs to get it as a superhero and handle a super-villain all under 2 hours. Green Lantern could have been a better movie had it been longer to show more complexity, a clearer story arc, and better character development.

We deserved a better movie with a $200 million budget.