dealshampton bay 2-person patio swing-s010114 for $51…


Cheap... but I expeect it wont last long.. ordered one and will find out.


Still available for store pickup at the same price... At least here.


I picked one up last night for only $40, so it looks like that "free" shipping was actually $11. I'm sure it won't last long, but hey, it's pink. Do I want to live with it forever? No and I'm sure the first big storm we have will put it through the neighbors' fence and into their pool.


I had one exactly like this years ago - for one, it's NOT pink, it's tan. It lasted me several years. Well worth the $40 or $51 or whatever. I paid way more back then!


@kenerg: Set it up... not as cheap as I thought... I would pay 100 bucks plus for it,.. defiantly a deal.