dealsvelociraptor 30 inches for $13.50


This looks really cool. Sadly I don't think it would mix well with my cats. Ah well.



Not being able to see your wares without creating an account is asinine.


I only need the first 24 inches. Can I get a refund on the last 6?


I put in the address "" to evade that box. I was informed that this email was already in use, which I think should tell all they need to know about their sign-in box.

xen xen

I thought my grandson might want this but having to signing up before reading about the product is a turn off. No thanks.


I agree. I guess I could use 10min EMail to avoid but I don't really want to deal with a company without enough market sense to restrict browsing


I've always wanted a Chris Bosh action figure!


"it can also be used for decoration or special parties or events." Way to think outside the box, copywriter. Let me help you out: Can also be used as a clothes rack, towel holder, prank on your friends, to frighten small children, scare your dog and/or cat! The list of things this dinosaur can do is really only limited by your imagination.


It's like Pinterest, you have to be "invited" to look at their crap. I've been a member of Fab for a long time and have gotten a lot of neat things! Plus you can earn credits by recommending friends and use them towards your orders. Give it a try..