dealsit's always sunny in philadelphia: seasons 1-6…


why is this deal not more popular? this is by far one of the best/funniest shows on TV right now. If you've never seen it but you like irreverent, offensive humor do yourself a favor and buy these DVD's. Season 1 is pretty good, but season 2 is when Danny Devito joins the cast and the show becomes insanely hysterical.

btw, the last season with "fat Mac" might be the best one yet. the scene where he's wheezing while eating pizza makes me fall on the floor laughing every time.


Seasons 1-6 for 7.99 sounded too good to be true, and it was. Should probably say "...for 7.99 each".


I agree with the last comment. It was too good to be true. Very misleading description.


C'mon, did you REALLY think each season would be less than $1.33 each? That's just plain unrealistic.


One of the best shows since Arrested Development.


@ndcouch: Danny Devito ruined this show for me. It was amazingly funny in the first season, and then some producer decided that adding him would make it better. Who knows...maybe it wouldn't still be on the air without him, but I stopped watching it shortly after he joined the cast.

I actually like Devito, by the way...I just thought his character ruined the dynamics of the show.


Looks like it might be dead, the Season 6 BR shows up in search as $7.99 but in the cart at $39.99. Anybody else getting this?


@mbmanaus: Yes, I ordered at 11:45 PM CST and after 12:00 AM CST everything went back to normal pricing in cart, yet it is still showing as $7.99 when searching.


I bit for the misleading description... thought entire thing for $7.99.... still not an awful deal, but will pass.


@cleverett: wow really? he adds a whole new layer of crazy and depravity to the group. In the commentary Rob Mcleheny (sp) said that the network liked the show and thought it was funny, but they wanted a name to "hook" people i guess. the creators found out Danny was a fan so they asked him to join. personally i think it's one of the best casting decisions ever. How many episodes with Danny did you watch?