dealssherlock - series 1 [blu-ray] [region free] for…


This doesn't qualify for free shipping to the US, even if you have Prime on your .com account.


@hobbie: read the OP. He put the price including shipping as the total price since it has to be converted to USD. +1 from me and I'm likely in for one. Anyone seen it? Thoughts?


Really excellent series. There are only 3 "movies" in the first season, probably it was six one-hour episodes. I'd been waiting for a better price to pick it up; here it is.


My wife and I love it! And we've seen the second season too. Greatest ever. Must Buy.


@kylemittskus: Amazing. That pretty much sums it up. It is Sherlock Holmes in modern times. Benjamin Cumberbatch (Holmes) is genius. I could write paragraphs about how amazing this series has been so far. Each "episode" is a movie length and they play like it in quality. Suffice it to say that I have watched each episode of the first two seasons more than once. The characters of Holmes and Watson really draw you in. I only wish there wasn't such a long wait for season 3.

Season 1 is currently on Netflix and I'm picking these up just to make sure I can watch them if Netflix drops the first season from streaming.


This series is amazing. I have only seen season one via netflix, been waiting for more!
The first episode (for me) a bit of a wtf reaction. I had to adjust to the idea of Sherlock with a cell phone! Didn't really take long to adjust since it is so well done from A-Z.

Thank OP for this and the conversion (and math!)


As far as I can tell, this is still the 50i version that only certain players can play. It's actually available on often enough for about $10, although it's currently $13.

The list of workable players is available online. If you have an LG or a Samsung, odds are good that it will play. Panasonic or Sony, not so much. No go on PS3s as well.


@kylemittskus: Then OP shouldn't have put "free shipping" in the title.

Additionally, he converted from Euros to dollars, not Pounds to dollars. The £8.91 price comes to about $14.25 these days, NOT $11.89.


I loved the first two. I thought the third got a little over the top. FWIW, Sherlock is also available on Netflix streaming. Jekyll is also a fantastic series in a similar vein.