dealsplaystation 3 40gb or 80gb system for under $200…


Not a great deal. You can find 160GB systems (refurb) for around $200 with free shipping fairly commonly. had one for $190 with free shipping a few weeks ago.

Also, you can get a new 160GB system for $250 with free shipping.

Lastly, please mention "refurb" or "used" somewhere in your title or description (although most people familiar with PS3's will know this by the hard drive size).


Why would you list the shipping as free if you know it's not free at all?


@magic cave: Marked this deal as free shipping, even though shipping is around $30 for each of these, but you can pick up either a 40gb ps3 or 80gb ps3 for under $200 including shipping.

That's why. Instead of making 2 deals, I posted it as one. Either way. They are both under $200 including shipping.


Don't forget some of these old ones are backwards compatible, hence why a lot of people (alright, maybe not a whole lot....) go after them


@rbrasche: Yes, I read the text you wrote about it, but that doesn't really resolve the issue that you're posting information that you know is incorrect. If you know there are shipping costs involved, please don't list it as free shipping.


Anyone have a clue to what firmware comes on these units?


Firmware is not guaranteed. Some could be below 3.15 with OTHER OS capability. We did not update them if they did not need it.


@wnyx585am: I was going to mention that you could get this and then buy a new hard drive on the cheap, but your way might be better.

If anyone's interested, though, you can get a 320gb hard drive for 60 to 80 bucks, probably cheaper now. That was the price a year and a half to two years ago.


Does it come with the ability of hackers to steal your personal info or does that require a system update?


@kylelmccoy: No, but this model doesn't have the module that extorts $40-$60 from you each year for online play.


you can also get the 120gb for about $202. Only 1 seller has it left, good luck getting it at that price!


@clutchsins: I may be wrong but last I checked neither the 40 or 80 gig model supports backwards compatibility as they came later. The original 60 gig is the only one that supports backwards compatibility which is why it's so highly sought after.


@ikisat: Looked it up. The following model numbers support PS2 backwards compatibility.
CECHB01 (20gig), CECHA01 (60 gig), CECHE01 (80 gig). None of the other 80 gig model numbers support it and no other size other then the above listed support it.


@rbrasche: Are you one of these marketplace sellers? If so which one so I know where to order for a chance at a 3.55fw or <


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