dealscanon sx150 14.1mp digital camera with 12x optic…


I had the next model up (with 16x optical zoom), but basically the same camera. I said had because in one weekend, taking about 200 images, I went through 8 sets of AA batteries. If you're going to use this camera hard at all, prepare to spend a fortune on batteries. Every time I used the movie mode for more than a minute (usually I took a few photos first), batteries ran out. Flash made the batteries die really fast, and took quite a while to recharge. The picture quality was fine, the movies look good, but this is not a camera for even moderate photographers.


Were you using disposable alkaline batteries? Those won't last all that long in just about any camera, particularly when zooming a relatively large lens is involved. For high-drain devices like digital cameras, NiHNM rechargeables are a much better choice. They should last quite a bit longer than alkalines per charge.


I've noticed that cameras seem to eat regular alkaline batteries too. I use rechageable NIMH and those work well.


I bought this same camera about a month ago for $99 and got a great deal. Yes, it goes through batteries, but not really as fast as mentioned above. I did a video of my Brother's band and took tons of pics only using about 8 batteries. The movie quality and sound are excellent. The picture quality is also excellent.
I'm looking to purchase some good NiHNM rechargeables though for the future.
I say this is a great deal!


Anybody use lithium batteries? X


@xibbumbero: I haven't used them with this camera, but I was using a Kodak z1275 camera (sucky, but 720p video recording is good for DVDs).

Energizer Ultimate Lithium (Blue/Silver) - Good for many shots (2 hrs?). Will die without warning though.
Energizer Lithium (Pink, maybe yellow stripe) - Crap. Dies without warning in 10-40 minutes.
Non-Energizer Lithium - Between... usually an hour or so.

And stay away from "Camera Batteries" -- I don't know what they did, but those don't work long in a digital world.

I started using rechargable NiMH AA's (Eneloop best, Powercell bad) -- get a 15 minute charger and you'll be happy as long as you charge before each outing -- NiMH's (except Eneloops) drain themselves considerably at the worst possible time.

Now I'm using (defunct) Kodak 1085is cameras -- they have a lithium rechargable or AA option. Never going back. - Maybe I'll get around to posting more footage. But I'm lazy....


EXCELLENT price for the camera! The SX models are great consumer-level cameras! I have the SX130IS and have taken ~3k photos with it. There is full manual control (albeit with menus) and it supports CHDK!

Batteries- DEFINITELY use rechargeable NIMHs! Eneloops are excellent. 200+ non-flash pics are normal. I like how you can use readily-available alkalines as emergency backup. Flash recharge is very slow.

For the more tech savvy, you can load CHDK (Canon Hack Development Kit) on most of the SX models for more flexibility. This non-intrusive mod adds:
+more accurate battery & memory meters
+live histograms
and much more!

Up to this time, I have had absolutely no camera damage whatsoever using it. Here's a link to CHDK:

Here's a youtube link to time-lapses- something you can do with this kind of camera running CHDK & a bit of editing:


Wow... I was hoping this was better than my Kodak z1085is's (premium on ebay nowadays since they're old-school).

But dpreview [] says otherwise unless you're at ISO 80 (full outdoors).

I gotta think on this one...


I have had on older one of these models for years, and I'll never use anything else for taking pictures. Even for being three years old mine takes amazong pictures and yes you do need good rechargeable batteries.


Remember to turn of your date feature on the camera. Anything that causes the camera to "always be on" including time stamps are computer chip driven and help to deplete the batteries. The only probelm with this (an many other cameras) is they have power-hungry features yet only supply a place for 2 AA batteries. It is always better to attempt to find a camara with a rechargable battery option for longest life. If not, there are several good rechargeable batteries on the market and even a couple of battey chargers that will re-charge regular batteries 2-3 times.