dealshershey's campfire smores maker for $10.00


Unless I forgot how to click on a link it goes to something else.

Tried every hyperlink for the deal and it goes to some dishes. FAIL!


@adminscottj: its the site, for some reason you can't go directly to the item on sale


The landing page has 4 deals. Scroll down a little bit, it's to the right of the large picture, the fourth one down. When it's the big picture, you have to click on it, so it stops scrolling.


I bought 3 of these for Christmas from this site. It doesn't come with 2.6 ounce fueling cans required for use. They cost 3 for $12 on Amazon. And the boxes it comes in are just plain brown which makes for a confusing gift when opening.


You can order it, but you may have to click on link a few times. It's on the right hand side after the page opens, at the bottom of the page. I had to click on that link a few times before it would open the page to order it.


@jemilam: Any chance of getting a link to the fuel required? I'm thinking about getting the s'mores maker but I want to look into the fuel situation first.


I heard this isn't hot enough to roast marshmallows, but it will set them on fire.


Hmmm... when I copy/paste the link into the browser, it goes straight there. I think maybe Woot is converting it to some kind of affiliate link. Try copying the URL:

Wedit. Woot does not get paid if someone uses that link. It had to be removed.


@sunnyx0r: It doesn't come with any fuel. You just have to buy the fuel gel cans.


@aardwolf64: I know, that's why I was asking for a link to buy the cans.