dealsperfumania - 25% off site-wide + $10 off $50…


I got one of my favorite hair products, which this site sells for $4 less than I can find in stores, then got 25% off THAT---so it was like buy 2 get 1 free for it. Then, since my total was only around $40, I didn't qualify for the extra $10 off $50. I looked around til I found a related product I haven't yet tried, for $12.99. Got 25% off that, and the total was just right over $50, so I tried adding the second coupon code. It's not often that double coupons are allowed at many places, so I was skeptical. But it worked!!! My total with the 4th item was actually 80 cents less than the total was for just the first 3. Gotta love that! I get to try a product I've been wanting to try for FREE!

Can't go wrong with free shipping, either. I did end up having to pay tax---not sure why, as I thought they were online only and have never seen/heard of them in my state---but I still came out WAY ahead than buying the same thing(s) in stores. I'm set for awhile on hair care.