dealsstandard charging cable for nook color for $0.00…


I don't know... Not exactly a deal :/ This has been valid for a while now (if not always). Grant you it is sweet and I found out here on deals.woot that I could do get a free one since my charger was broken ...ehh what the heck, i'll still give it an upvote


yeah... not in Milwaukee area. They just looked at me funny and told me to mail it in to their service dept. They didn't even carry the parts until the new Nook tablet came out.


This is hardly a "deal". It shouldn't be news to anyone that if you own something and it's under warranty and part of it breaks, you can get it replaced.


I know it's a no-brainer that B&N should honor its warranty, but I hadn't thought of it, and when I went in to a CA B&N and asked for a new cord, I was ecstatic when I got one, no questions asked. Thanks, Woot.