dealsonly $4 for $25 gift certificates plus $15 fannie…


Has any one had a problem using the promotion code provided on the Fannie May website?


Wow, now this is a great deal. Note that it also brings $10 gift certificates down to $1.60. I just spent less than seventeen bucks and got over a hundred dollars of gift certificates to local restaurants. I feel... almost criminal. :P


This is a really good deal. I only used it for the $25 gift cards in my area. I bought 5 and it cost me only $20. I now have $125 credit at a few places I go to or would like to go to. Great deal and super cheap. The Fannie May strawberries are way over priced. Wont be using the coupon I got for them.


there are a few other chocolates at fannies which are not overpriced, but the code and pin from DO NOT WORK.