dealsaugen 7" color touchscreen entertainment tablet…


Is anyone else tempted by these things to use as an alternative to car dvd players for kids? The dvd players are old technology and are still more expensive than something like this.


This is an amazing deal at half the price!

No really... at half the price it is... but not at this price.


Wow, I was interested until I read the description. Woot pretty much convinced me NOT to buy it, thanks! :)


Here's a handy Engadget Review for those who don't remember this $150 tablet from right around a year ago when it popped up at K-marts


@krenbaird: I'm guessing either gardening or lumberjack this device must be used in the calibration process?


Which would be more useful, this or a Chumby One?


Not to be disruptive, but, buying a resistive screen Android "tablet" AND be on 2.1 versus 2.2+ these days is starting to rival getting a CRT over a cheap LCD for your desktop.


"2.5mm Headphone Jack" Standard size headphones are 3.5mm, I saw Amazon has an adapter for $1.08:

It sucks to have to use an adapter though.


On top of the usual cheap tablet woes, it's worth noting that Augen has apparently gone out of business, as well.


I see portable DVD players for around $50-60 frequently.


@jmart251: ... I have two tablets, the ASUS Transformer and the Acer Iconia.

But in January 2011 I bought the Augen "The Book" 7" e-reader on Woot, for $79 too. (It's not a touch screen device, you have to use the toggle switch to move around.) I bought that just to goof around with it and because it actually reads books in many formats, including PDF.

The Book has an SD slot. I put some DVD movie conversions (MP4 format) on the chip and they played great on that Augen "tablet." So this actual tablet should play movies fine.

Note that The Book was NOT an Android-based tablet. But that should not matter. It has a TFT screen so the movies looked quite good.

I still have my two Panasonic portable DVD players from around 1999, that I paid $600 each. Those have 5" screens. It's really indicative of progress that 11 years later one can get a movie player, so to speak, for $80.

Bottom line: Yeah, buy this even if you intend to only use it as a movie player.


Not worth the shipping. I wouldn't even want one for free.


I have one of these, it is not worth the price of shipping. Extremely poor response on the screen, very cheap build quality, low battery life, does not charge through USB well at all, easy to lose the MicroSD card inside the shell. It's made a better door stop than tablet.


Hmm, I wonder if these get returned a lot at Kmart...


You need a stylus for this thing? Wow, taking me back to my days with Palm Pilot V. I miss Dope Wars. Maybe it'd work on this?


I don't know how this could be as bad as the write up if you read that you can't be disappointed I played with one at K mart was going to buy one but missed the $130 sale.
Would make good movie player or angry birds player or awesome book reader.


This is a good beginner tablet to give the kids or relatives.

My sister is disabled and has a hard time using her 4" Samsung Galaxy S phone to type emails.

I let her try typing on my ASUS Transformer (a $500 10.1" tablet). She liked the big keys on the big screen. So she called me and asked if she could use my tablet to see if she likes and will use it (that's code for I won't see my tablet again).

I did not want to give away my Transformer (since I really like it), but I also did not want to suggest to my sister to buy her own $500 tablet.

So I have been looking for a tablet to give her. This tablet solved my circumstance and it's ideal for her since she won't be using the tablet's power. She does a little browsing and mostly uses the e-mail function.

IMO one does not need a $300 to $500 tablet, nor the latest Android version if all he or she is going to do is Net browsing, texting and checking e-mails.


@mistamoose: You don't need a stylus for it, but it's a resistive touch screen, which means you're gonna have to put a liitle "umph" into it :D

It also means it doesn't get sick as often.


@jmart251: I have one of these and it will not play videos (.avi .wmv .wma ) and does not play flash video at all.


Help? I want a touch screen tablet that will let me "write" in word docs (so I can write comments while my students are delivering speeches). I am gathering from the comments that this is NOT that tool...but does anybody have any recommendations???


I suspect a lot of people are dissing this because they are comparing it to 2011 tablets, which people should not be doing.

Fact is, the 2010 tablets, like this one, that came with Android 2.1 installed, were poor performing devices. This was because Android 2.xx is a cell phone OS, not meant for large-display tablets.

(Remember the Samsung Tab, that debuted in the latter part of 2010? Samsung stopped making those because, it admitted, Android 2.xx is a lousy tablet OS. Of course, Samsung did not admit this until AFTER Google introduced Honeycomb and said that Android 2.xx is a cell phone ROM not meant for tablets.)

Google's statements sent tablet manufacturers scrambling because many had tablets ready for market, designed around Android 2.xx They had to scrap their tablets because consumers knew to look for Honeycomb-based tablets and to avoid Android 2.xx tablets like the plague.

But if you won't be doing much with this tablet, it's fine, especially at this price.


@hemholtz: ... My $500 ASUS Transformer and $490 Acer Iconia will NOT play AVI, WMV or 3GP formatted video. They will only play DVDs that I have converted to MP4 or "Honeycomb" format.

And only the latest tablets will play Adobe Flash files.

Fact is, this is a 2010 budget tablet. People are being unrealistic if they expect a $150 2010 tablet sold at K-Mart and Wal-Mart should play Adobe Flash and have encoders to play every available video format.

The solution to people's disappointments with this is to spend $300 to $500 for a tablet, that has Honeycomb 3.1 or will be upgraded to it.

And as to video, simply get a video file converter and convert your files to MP4 format. I suggest you check out Slysoft's line of products. It converts DVDs to any format you desire.

And the there's plenty of low priced programs that convert videos to any format you want.

This is a really basic device. People should not expect 2011 BMW features at Yugo prices.


@jayneturk: I have used computers for this function.

I think your better bet is to get a netbook on Craig's List or eBay, for around $200.

Look at the ASUS 12" netbooks or the Lenovo S10. Those come with MS Word and Windows XP. Additionally, they have monitor ports that let you connect to an overhead projector AND a network jack so you can connect to the Net in class.

I would not use a tablet in class, the device is simply too limiting. It's cool, for sure, but it's not a practical teaching tool, IMO.

Note: The Lenovo S10 is an older netbook. Used it can be had for less than $150. It has a 10.1" display, 250GB hard disk, etc.


@hemholtz: Really? I think you may have a problem, might want to contact customer service.
From last August:
That IS video.


@michaelsf: Thanks! I appreciate your input! I was only looking for a tablet 'cause I was told that was how to get the touch screen that allows the "writing" feature...tho I'm not sure any program can be trained to read my handwriting. Luckily, most of my classrooms DO have computers, so it's not urgent..and I have 4 others of my own...LOL

BUT..if anyone else has experience with this, I'd love your ideas, too! I am grateful for all help!!!


@krenbaird: Augen used to be a company that was going places with tablets. It even announced last year that it would be bringing out its "Espresso" line of tablets around May of this year. (The Doppio was a hybrid tablet/netbook, like the Lenovo and the ASUS Transformer).

And then Google announced that Android 2.xx was NOT a good OS for tablets. I think that blew up Augen's plans.

Moreover, there were allegations that Augen was not licensed to use Android on its tablets and that this Gentouch was using pirated versions of Android. There might have been something to that since Augen all of a sudden closed down.

Augen used to have a website that I was watching to see updates about its upcoming tablets. A few months ago I noticed the website was no longer. I think they went out of business.



Oh... Augen was NOT a tablet manufacturer. It simply ordered products from China and slapped the Augen name on them.


@jayneturk: In addition to @michaelsf's suggestion, you may want to consider adding on a USB graphics tablet if you simply want to add freehand writing capability:


I would have suggested the 10" entourage eDGe but the company has gone out of business. They also made a 7" Pocket eDGe. Both of these tablets had a LCD and e-ink screen. I bought the Pocket eDGe myself as my first tablet. Like almost everything else they are selling on ebay still. The e-ink side had a journal where you could take notes. It also allowed you to markup e-books.



Get something like the Dell Inspiron Touchscreen Convertible Tablet. It runs Windows 7 and converts from a laptop with keyboard to tablet.

They are available used for about $300.


I have read many very very poor reviews on this product. I don't own one, but it seems to me like all it does is play movies, displays books, and browses the web, and is not very user friendly. YOU CAN NOT USE THE ANDROID MARKET PLACE to download apps for this "android" powered tablet. So I'm saving my money or spending a little more on something else.


Here is a post from Mobileread Forum about a handwriting app for Android.

"Just a slightly off-topic note. I loaded DioPen last night onto my Ermine equipped PE.
Handwriting recognition in all LCD side applications! It really works. Not for the eInk side, but boy it's a lot nicer to take notes printing rather than typing.";

Here is their download site for trial versions.
Versions for 8.0 for Pocket PC 7.0 for Pocket PC 6.0 for Pocket PC 4.0 for Palm OS
2.5 for Windows PC 2.0 for Windows PC


I bought this last time it came up on woot... screen response is beyond abysmal and it falls apart with only a few apps loaded. Also it gets very hot. Major regrets, wish I'd never bought it. Completely unusable.


@michaelsf: Try using mobo player (its in the Android market). It has handled all the formats I have tried, including flv rips from youtube. I have a GTab running 3.0.1 so your tablets should be able to handle it just fine. Converting files should be unnecessary.


@mistamoose: Psh. You ain't retro unless you were playing dope wars on your TI-83.


This thing is so bad. I bought one in Jan and it only worked for a week (if u can call that working). Apparently Augen doesn't care because their "support" won't answer my not purchase this


Onscreen keyboards really annoy me- so I got the Asus Transformer. You can get some pretty cool styluses nowadays..

Oh and try Moboplayer or Rockplayer Lite for those movie files on Android.


For the price, this is a good deal. I have the newer version, which has the 3.5 mm headphone port and the blue power button and cannot be rooted because the Android community basically moved away from this clunker. However, for $85 you're getting a decent PMP, ereader and web browser. For reading epubs, you'll not find anything better (use fb reader). For browsing, you get a basic android wifi browser. For watching movies, convert everything to mp4 and you'll enjoy a decent picture and good sound. For music, the player is fine. PDF file viewing is slow, but does work, after a fashion.

This is not for gaming, other than maybe sudoku or solitaire. You need a stylus, or you can use your fingernail. Even with a stylus, Angry Birds is next to impossible to play on this. And typing is tedious, so this will not replace your laptop for editing Word files.

You would be better off with an HTC Flyer, my current favorite tablet. However, that's about $400 more than this.


@michaelsf: You could just get your sis a nook Color, root it, and call it can get those for like 200 bucks on ebay, MUCH better investment than this POS.


@cole3823: Luckily you can use the Amazon/SlideMe/ect. market or browse the Android market for apps on a computer, then google the app's name and .apk and find whatever you need and more. I don't have market, but have never lost out on any app thanks to that method.


I bought the archos 7 tablet when it was here for $80 and use it as a large ipod for my car. I can also watch movies in HD and browse the internet. I'm not displeased with my purchase.


$250 G-Tab is still the way to go. Flash, capacitance touch screen, movies, Netflix, 10.1" screen, dual core. Not 2011 technology, but 2011 tech has not been that impressive. No one can even match apple.

Go to best buy an try a resistive screen before you buy. Or go to work and try the crappy screen on the copy machine....


People expect these to compare to an iPad, they are not iPads. I bought a cheap Android 2.1 tablet 2 years ago for my wife to read ebooks and she loves it (not this brand). All the web reviews said how horrible it was so I figured I'd see for myself. Surprizingly, I (and the rest of my family) really liked the little device, especially for the price at the time ($139). Even house guests were amazed with it and it got passed around like a hot potato of coolness.

Yea, it's not blazing fast but it's reasonably fast and makes for a nice little web browser, picture, movie viewer, etc. I mean, what do you expect for under $80?