dealshaan sanitizing garment steamer for $39.99 + $5…


Hey! It's a Sean Hannitizer !!!


While it's not this one that I own, I did want to comment on the usefulness of these type of steamers. What I've found is that they work well for lightweight materials that need a bit of a touch-up. Wore something and it's wrinkly? These take the edge off. However they really aren't a replacement for an iron. You're not going to get the crisp edges, nor all the wrinkles out of that shirt you let sit in the dryer for the extra day or two. Dress shirts in particular need to be ironed correctly (if you care at all what you look like.) I found mine works wonders on my scrubs, so it appears they're best for permanent press type materials.


This was the deal of the day on Amazon, last week, and it sold for $69.99. I was thinking I should have bought it. Good thing I didn't. I just bought it, right now. This is mainly for my wife who would use it for her scrubs and since Cinoclav says it works wonders on his/her scrubs, it looks like this will be a good purchase. Awesome!


@dazoneranger: Good timing! Hope she has results as good as I have!


Did a Dalek go on a diet or what?


It's actually Wall-E's less popular & socially awkward cousin Tall-E.


bought this last month from woot for 70bucks. works good. wish i waited. would be nicer if its more compact. also it is kind of clumsy because of how the clips works, the side bars too. always put filter water. the clipping motion feels a bit cheap. i still think its a good buy but not great. i wish it can fold to save space in storing. it works


In addition to being Amazon's Gold Box deal of the day for $69.99, this was previously on the main Woot site for $49.99 on April 6th, 2012.

Since it's now on Sellout for $39.99, I think this is a really good deal.

In for one.


@theguruguys had a great post that sold me on garment steamers. I can't say the same is true for this steamer but this is what he said about the Sunbeam Steamer

Like I said, THIS IS A DIFFERENT MODEL, but I feel it still applies (as I too am terrible at folding my laundry immediately) and I'm consider getting this even though I just spent 200 in the last woot off


my daughter wet the bed with a microfiber mattress underneath, will this at all cleanse it so I don't have to get rid of the mattress?


I think this is the same one that was just in the woot-off on Home.woot at $49.99 this past week. I've been wanting one. I debated and decided that it was $10 more than I wanted to tonight I'm in for one! yay!


It has decent reviews on Amazon but people that used it long term complain about thermostat problems and broken parts. Haan also would not help them with out of warranty repairs. Not sure if you'd want to deal with that.


I bought this one when it was $49.99 :(, but it has been one of my better woot purchases, I use it practically every day. Starts to steam in about 30 seconds and get wrinkle out faster than ironing. The only negatives I can think of are it doesn't work as well with thicker cotton shirts, but that's probably every steamer, and since I'm 6'3 and the handle points to the front when docked, the steamer is at my face level so I have to make an effort to not get burnt, gotten pretty close a couple times.


I love mine. I know it won't last forever, until then, it beats an iron. I bought 3 as gifts today. It knocks big wrinkles out. When it dies I will shell out for a heavier duty steamer, unless I can get another one of these for $40. Get one if you hate to iron.


These are great for when you feel like washing your clothes is too much hassle and you'd rather just sanitize them to kill the nasties. Perfect for sanitation engineers, doctors, dentists, prison guards, or anyone that has a difficult job where you might be sprayed by some sort of noxious chemical or bodily fluid but don't want to take the time to start the washing machine. Also, gets out wrinkles.


Can you use tap water with these or do they need filtered water or something else special?


This stinks, I just paid $49 for mine from Woot this past week. One good thing was that it arrived in four days, quickest shipping from Woot ever.


JUST bought this from woot for 10 dollars more. JUST did. Puts a bad taste in your mouth about buying from the site.


Just bought two of these a few days ago at $10 more each. Very disappointing... I agree with the other reviewer who states this really does put a bad taste in my mouth about Woot (and I have ordered a number of things on here).


Ah, the Bed Bug plague! One thing sure to kill them is HEAT; they die at 120 degrees I believe. It's 212 degree steam output should do the trick seeing that professionals will heat your entire home to 150 degrees (and that's THE ONLY WAY TO ERADICATE THEM). So if you have signs of BB's, this might solve the problem before it gets out of control!

P.S. I live in Chicago where they're everywhere, so this has been a kind of pro active interest/fear of mine.

And this steamer is awesome for clothes, especially for those like me whom refuse to fold their laundry!!! lol! Just steam & go :D


Just bought two new suits. Going to take care of the investment this time ;)