deals1500 live ladybugs for $9.35


Throw them at weddings instead of rice! Much prettier and nicer for the birds!


My sister had live butterfly larva shipped out in individual boxes w/twigs & leaves for food. The shipments were timed so that the butterflies were hatched & ready to fly away on the wedding day. Nearly 100% of them survived and were released during the wedding service. Very surreal.


I did the same thing with locusts when my ex-wife remarried. Worth every penny.


Seemed like a good deal until I ran the numbers. I'd need to eat like 5,500 ladybugs a day to survive.


@skemmis: Think of these as starters to breed for your ladybug farm. Then that many won't seem like a big deal when they proliferate.


I can use duck tape and catch lots of them in my yard


there are millions in my yard every year, never knew i could sell those ridiculously annoying smelly things for money.............IM GONNA BE RICH!!!!!!!!


They eat aphids and other garden pests, great for roses. We buy them every year, yes in this quantity, and they get the job done. Thanks, WOOT!


any true gardener knows the great value ladybugs offer to crops.


Apparently Nebulator doesn't know the difference between Ladybugs and Asian Beetles....the AB's are the ones that are annoying and stink.No hating on Ladybugs!


@sosuemesdc: Actually, ladybugs too give off an odor, though it's not as bad or strong as the stinkbugs'. Try sniffing your hands after handling them. It's their defense. If one gets inside I try to get it on a piece of paper to transport it outside. I've got an idiot neighbor who hated them so much she had her house sprayed to get rid of them. Would like to spray her.


Listen, I love 1500 lady bugs for under $20 just as much as the next guy, but these aren't on sale. This is the standard Amazon retail price for lady bugs. I saw this expecting to get a bargain.


I assume here that the little critters are trained to not leave the yard? Or to the neighbor's garden and then I would have to go round 'em up. Bugged in MT


How can I check to see if all 1500 are indeed LADY bugs? I don't want them to throw in a few GENTLEMAN bugs on accident. Although...if they did...I could possibly turn that 1500 into 3000 in no time! Now THAT's return on investment.


Last time I ordered these they shipped me 1498. NEVER AGAIN!!!


I highly recommend purchasing the LIVE ladybugs like this, I didn't go for the more expensive "LIVE" version last year.... what a waste of money


I hear they taste like chicken ... just saying.


the smell is the blood from reflex bleeding a defence


@wrmcnut: Why do you have need to tape ducks?


@videowallart: You just tape their bill shut, otherwise you go quackers listening to them all day long


Shipping ruins it. Let them fly here for free. LOl


We call them ladybird beetles, much classier.


Don't go for this. Mike McGrath (former editor at Organic Gardening magazine) says that in his experience, the ladybugs don't survive the transit well. Being all on top of each other for days is not part of their normal life cycle.


Actually Lady Bugs are all males. Plus they will bite, because I have been bitten by one. And they do have a mild order. Each year where I live they swap about a 25 mile radius. About 500 got in my house somehow, which was very annoying to get rid of. I could hear them hitting the outside of my house.