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Beware of Newegg billing. My friend never does online purchases and bought from newegg. Her credit card was immediately compromised in NJ where Newegg billing location is.


I have been doing purchases with Newegg for over 10 years and never experienced anything negative from the company nor fraud charges. I would guess to say that it was a coincidence. Fraud charges are seldom ever done in the city or state where the card number was skimmed.


FYI: Be careful with Newegg. I dealt with them for years with no problem, but recently, my best friend had a really bad experience.

It should be noted that my best friend is about the most OCD-having man I've ever met when it comes to his electronics. He was returning the mobo because it didn't have all the features he wanted and was well within the return policy and period. He carefully packaged up the working motherboard in the original interior packing material, box, packing material, shipping box, etc.

A day or two after Newegg received it, he was told, "We can't take this back because you damaged the pins on this motherboard." They kept his $250 and returned the motherboard: sure enough, the pins were damaged.

When he called to tell them there was a mistake, that he did not send the board to them that way, he was told flatly, "If you want your money back, pay to replace that CPU socket and try eBay."

So, as much as I loved Newegg, I have to say "Buyer beware."


I haven't had any problems with newegg, I want to give it a shot thought I don't like the mail in rebate it is worth a shot.


This sale totally pissed me off. I waited up till 3 AM EST (12 PST) to get a SSD for $59 and the item's price was wrong and by the time they fixed it, it was sold out.


@centricity: But did he put the piece of plastic covering the CPU's socket? If you don't, some places (like Newegg) will not take the motherboard back.

Additionally, not sure I buy his story because if he is as OCD as you mention he would have checked/triple-checked all the features before ordering.


I buy hundreds -- occasionally thousands -- of dollars per month of customer merchandise from Newegg and have never experienced any of the issues listed here. Unless I can save a significant (> 10%) amount of money by buying elsewhere (which is fairly rare,) I much prefer Newegg for their excellent service and post-purchase support.

Take some time to read the hundreds of product reviews posted DAILY on and you'll see for yourself that when an item arrives DOA or fails soon-thereafter, Newegg customer support is usually the only bright spot in the entire review.

No company is perfect, but I rely on Newegg and have developed a great deal of trust in them, which is not easily earned from me. Just as I'm doing now, whenever I have an issue with a company, group or organization, I'm the one immediately firing off emails to God and Country to make my dissatisfaction known and addressed. After 6+ years, I've never had to sound the trumpets against Newegg.


+1 @hackman2007 above, I wanted to say the same thing but ran up against the character limit.

It's entirely too easy to check both the Newegg product page and the manufacturer's product page (which is handily linked on every Newegg product page, don't you know) for any item's EXACT specs and features, so buying something and it not having the desired features is a very weak proposition, at best. Before buying something (anything) as highly-technical as a motherboard or CPU, do your homework and know what you're buying.

I once bought a batch of IDE (instead of SATA) DVD burners in error, but I didn't blame the retailer, I blamed myself and decided to eat the cost instead of spending even more cash to ship them all back. I still have a few of those units and use them to refurb older PCs when the optical drive has failed.


@mrsmoofy: Just for the future in case sales like this come up again, you can always order the product and have Newegg alter the charge after. I have done this several times and have even applied promo codes after ordering. What would happen is you would end up with the charge on your card and then be issued a partial refund. As long as you don't have the product already, Newegg is good at making things right which is why I'm guessing it sold out before the price was corrected.


@airportcomputers: Yeah, he admitted it was his fault for not doing his research and knowing himself better, but even still, that's not a reason for a company not to honor their stated return policy.

As I said, I was a loyal customer of Newegg's. I believed they would make it right and told him so several times. When they didn't, he was surprised and so was I. Personally, I think it's a fair point to make sure that others know about a negative experience so they can take precautions. (Take photos before your return, for example.) As a consumer, I want to know the "easy" way that there might be an issue. I'm sorry that you don't agree.


@hackman2007: He did, yes. I watched him.

And he did check, but didn't think he'd need the top (...or maybe front? I can't recall exactly) panel support. Once he got it, it bugged him more than he expected that the motherboard didn't have those things, so he decided to get a different one.


@duckiebell: Had to sign in just to downvote this. I've been shopping at newegg for 8 years and never had any issues. Furthermore I have never heard of anyone else having such issues. Sorry about your friend's troubles, but it sounds like a one-off.


That LSI SAS controller looks like a steal.


@duckiebell: I've also been a customer of NewEgg for years and have never experienced anything of this nature. I would call this a fluke.

@centricity: I've only ever had one issue with NewEgg's return policy and it was a misunderstanding about their RMA process. If you RMA something and then you need to return the replacement you received, due to it also being broken or some other reason, it all has to occur within the original 30 day return window. In my case, I tried to thoroughly test the product on my end before returning it again when I should have just turned around and done the RMA right away. Lesson learned on my part, but they took care of it for me anyway. I find it hard to believe your friend would not have been taken care of had there been any chance it wasn't your friend's fault.


I've never had any problems with orders from Newegg. That being said, the actual mechanics behind this promotion are massively scummy. In order to even SEE the final price on some items, you have to

-Add the item to your cart.
-Give them your e-mail address and sign up for an account.
-Agree to receive promotional e-mails from Newegg.
-Give Newegg your credit card information (this is the point where I left the site).

No site should make you give them all that just to see the price.


@synergynt: I thought the same, which is why I posted here, because I was wrong. He seriously did everything right except underestimate what he wanted the board to do. He decided he didn't want it and when he tried to return it (in working condition, four days after he received it, with all the original parts and packaging), he got burned.

Look, y'all, I get the skepticism, I do. You don't know me, don't know my friend, and have no reason to trust what I'm saying. That's fine, but I felt like it was a story worth sharing to people who might be affected by the same issue.

If you never are, that's great and I'm genuinely happy for it. I thought it was worth mentioning, though.


@duckiebell: Also from NJ. Matter of fact, some city where their warehouse is located. Never had a problem. Causation =/= correlation.


I've been doing business with Newegg for many years and never had a problem. On the rare occassions I needed to make a return, it was painless.


I have FRIENDS too. THEY never had a problem with newegg. Oh and then there's me. I've never had a problem with newegg either.


At the risk of getting a ton of down votes, I, too have had a horrible experience with NewEgg (July 2012). Bought a Blackberry Playbook from them, paid for two-day shipping, as I needed it for a trip. The one they sent was DOA. When I called to get a replacement, they told me that it might take up to six weeks to get one. When I asked for a refund, they said the item was nonrefundable. After several escalations through the rungs of customer support, they made a "one-time exception" to their no refund rule, but they would not refund the shipping. So, for a net loss of $13, I got nothing from NewEgg, and I will not be ordering from them again.


In for 16gb ram upgrade (2x8 sticks)! $50 shipped. Newegg has been great for me. I accidentally ordered a wrong video game, after contacting them they said to just keep it and they will refund my money. Great service.

Thanks Newegg!


I never trust "my friend told me..." stories on anything.

Even first hand accounts are often full of errors and misinterpretations on how one thinks things should be, rather than how things are in reality...

I've purchased well over 50 items on new egg, for a wide range of projects, and I've never once had a problem.

Fast shipping, good prices, and great customer support.

So buyer, be aware that is great.


perhaps you people forgot that everything you read on the internet is truth


I've sent back motherboards and have only been hit with nothing more serious than the standard restocking fee. If this account is true, and not a TigerDirect shill ;), then I suspect something else happened.

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Newegg is a pretty sketchy site... even right off the bat they make things difficult making you provide all your personal info just to see if a coupon code works. For a lot of products they make you enter your credit card number before you can even see the price. I purchased something and cancelled it the same day and it took over 2 months for them to reimburse paypal.

Regardless of personal experience, even the way they handle initiating the transaction puts it well below reputable. A few dollars savings isn't nearly worth the trouble.


@kcostell: That's the most obvious thing to me. I don't know how any reputable site would make you enter a credit card number and agree to promotional emails before they even show you the price. Sketchy at minimum.


Newegg is less sketchy than Best Buy. They have been around for a VERY long time and are one of the largest businesses that moves product online. They got that way by having excellent customer service and fair prices.


@toblathe: coupon codes are for people who subscribe to email marketing. If you don't want to use the coupon code, you don't have to. To subscribe to the "insider" emails, you need an account, and all that entails.
As far as the "must enter a cc to check price" I'm sure that was either a: manufacturer requirements, or b: "newegg marketplace" which is akin to amazon marketplace.

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To all those that say newegg is sketchy and bad; Are you also the ones that say your knowledge is 5 eggs, then rant about n00b stuff... If so(which is probably the case), i say good reddens...


It should be mentioned that Newegg, like Amazon, Buy, Sears, etc... now offers items for sale by third party sellers, and they are not always as obvious about it as they could be. I would suspect that many of the horror stories are from these sellers. I too have shopped newegg for years, with only positive experiences with their customer service. That said, I was about to jump on a tablet deal they had going several days ago, til I noticed almost too late, that it was not from newegg. The sellers ratings were terrible, so I passed.


@fy360n: Where did you hear that?

Let me guess, the Internet. ;D

BTW: riddance: Noun: The action of getting rid of something troublesome.


@v4lu3s: @j5: @bayjacob: It's a little concerning how much of an uproar it's caused that a few people are stating some facts and personal experiences about newegg. If you have had only great experiences with them, great that's good information to get a balanced set of opinions... I won't down vote or do anything more than say my experience was different.
If you don't mind entering your credit card before finding out a price on a product that's fine, I've chosen to take my business elsewhere. I don't know of any other sites (even resellers and daily deal sites) that require your actual credit card info for that. If someone new is considering this deal, should they not be aware they should expect that? So call me and the others that have been critical of this site "n00bs" but I've made a purchase, same as any of you and I came away with a different opinion. If you don't work for newegg, why so critical of another point of view or more specifically just facts about the checkout process?


@toblathe: No uproar here, though the word "sketchy" may have set off some people. I'm frankly surprised at your experience and trying to figure out the conditions under which they occurred. I've been a customer of NE since about 2003 or so and have never experienced or heard of anything like that.
I already explained the reason you need an account for the coupon code, but not sure about the "credit card needed for price" business you've mentioned. Can you provide a link as an example?

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@centricity: To be clear, Newegg was FOLLOWING their return policy regarding your friend's motherboard. It specifically says in their policy that they will not accept returns involving bent motherboard pins. This is due to the fact that the most common mistake that new computer builders make is to incorrectly attempt to force a processor onto a motherboard in a way that it was not intended. This results in the pins being bent and, often, the motherboard requiring repair. They specifically bring up this policy and broadcast it into your face as part of the buying process of any motherboard. If the board ARRIVED with bent pins (which I also am skeptical of) it would mean that the manufacturer either packed a bad board or that they didn't put the protective shield over the pins that every major manufacturer uses today. He would need to contact the manufacturer - the mistake is on them, NOT the distributor. I have had hundreds of Newegg transactions over the years - all positive for me.


@toblathe: I'm not sure what you are talking about here either. From looking at a few listings, I do see some where you have to add the product your cart before you see the price. This does not mean you have to continue through the checkout.

But I would be interested to see if there are some products that exist like this on Newegg.

Be aware the "adding to checkout" thing is not Newegg. This is a MSRP/legal deal and other places (like Amazon) have to deal with the same thing showing a lower advertised price.


Of the people I actually know, only one had a problem with NewEgg. By some miraculous turn of fate, he seems to have 'problems' with virtually every merchant (of any kind, local or internet) he comes into contact with.

I have been doing business with them since they were ' I used to really shop their prices to make sure I couldn't do better and that's when I had a couple of bad experiences with other sources. Their customer service has really been the biggest difference between Newegg and their competitors.

I'm not saying your friend is a giant dick, but you might want to check around his feet for hair.


I just have to say, since I think they deserve it for my past experience with them, that Newegg has had some of the best customer service I've ever experienced with a company. They've actually surprised me with their awesomeness on more than one occasion. I would never hesitate buying from them.