dealsbike pump! for $5.29


The link does not go to a bike pump for that amount, nor to one that is sold w/ Prime available. Maybe it was sold out ?

The link you have best price is a little over 10.
There is another one , looks just like it has a different psi and is sold w/ Prime available for around $10.

there are other places that have it for the same price if you google search it.
Sears offers it for $3.74 + 6.25 ship I think that is a better deal w/ or w/o ship. Unless you can find your original deal.

ETA I contacted mods and asked them if they could find your original link. I hope it works out.
W. Prime that would be good.


@ceagee: Well, it was for that amount (with Prime) when I purchased it this morning, but I guess that seller sold out, so it went to the next seller.

Thanks for the heads up!