dealsdonut with any beverage purchase on 6/1/12


should say what the actual deal is. free donut with drink purchase


Got my free doughnut this morning. I didn't even know it was National Doughnut Day until they asked me what kind of free doughnut I wanted. Why can't there be a National Beer Day?


Every year when I see "Free* Doughnut" I decline to observe national doughnut day. Instead, I order a muffin or go across the block to a bagel shop. What is doughnut day if you don't stand behind your product?


I went through the drive through this morning to order my coffee... and they asked if I wanted a free doughnut... and i said no?

It was an automatic response... I think my sub conscience was saying "you dont need a doughnut, fatty"


what happened to the tattle button or are we now going to get spamed at every post???


@coyhaven: Button is there.....highlight the post first and it shows up.


should say:
Visit any participating U.S. Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants on Friday, June 1 and receive a free donut with any beverage purchase.


@evawheel: I guess I should have clarified, I don't drink coffee so I get gypped every year on National Donut Day. While I routinely go to DD's for a couple donuts or a muffin for breakfast, my loyalty never pays off on NDD. If they offered a free donut with any order, I'd rejoice on this day, but since they pressure me (unsuccessfully) to buy coffee every other day of the year, the deal on NDD is just a twist of the knife.

It's not that I don't like donuts, I quite enjoy them, and I certainly don't wish to dishonor the women of WWI. Every other business with a free X day gives away their product without a purchase, and I think doughnut shops should get on the bandwagon and give donuts out without strings attached.


Free should be the regular price of a Dunkin donut ! Sadly they have driven all the great little mom an pop shops out of business :-(


@atd15: On free donut day the beverage cost goes up by the price of one donut.


The DD that I went to this morning was Non-Participating... :-(


I wish places would stop trying to fatten me up... You can't cook me if my dog has already ate me.


OOOHHHH would totally go but there's no DD's in IDAHO :(


Guess I'm the only person left on this planet who values their health enough to not eat donuts.. sigh


Stupid part is, at least here, there is a survey to fill out on every DD receipt. If you fill it out, they will give you a free donut with med purchase. I have a bunch in my wallet. I only use maybe one ever few weeks. But I went out today for my free donut!