dealscraftsman 12 in. and 10 in. tool bag combo for $7…


Link seems to die after posting. Use this link instead:


Search for item 38586411 at


Looks like the item can't be picked up in store as it comes from Kmart, meaning you'll have to pay for shipping.

If you go to Kmart's website and find the same item, it gives you the option of site to store. FREE SHIPPING!


Yeah, appears these are ship only from Sears site, and no site to store in my area at least. Love the bags, but shipping kind of kills the deal. No Kmarts around here anymore. But, these are great little bags and this is the lowest they seem to get.


Thanks - I was able to get a couple of these. Now I can stuff them for Christmas. :)


Will a human head fit in these? Just curious.


They are back o $13 now. I was too slow. =(


Got mine at Kmart in store pick up.

I'm going to make a tool set for my wife who refuses to return tools to my bucket when she is done. I'll call it the tool purse.