dealsamazon $1 mp3 credit for declining 2 day shipping…


If they make this a permanent offer (which makes sense) I will probably take them up on it repeatedly.


I usually get my items very fast with free super saver shipping anyway. Max 3 days.


Purely FYI, Amazon Prime is $80/year.

Hopefully this information saved someone a few clicks.


@geniekid: unless you have a free student account ;)


As an existing Prime subscriber (student, but paid for my second year so far), I think there are other ways in which they could save money without forcing people to drop to their regular shipping.

Whenever I buy small things (like lens caps, USB cables, etc) they still come in large boxes (min size is ~4x8x2 or so). They need to start using envelopes more, since those are charged at a much lower rate (less weight and, more importantly, smaller size). $80/year is a terrific price, considering that I easily buy ~$1000 worth of stuff and most of it I can get from Amazon for cheaper once you factor in shipping costs.


@smithd685: yeah, for the first year...then you have to pay!


Hmmm this is an odd promotion.

Perhaps too many people became vocal about being charged more for using prime? (they add the shipping cost into the price for prime users on some items)


I <3 my Prime Membership
I have prime shipped 2 or 3 lawn mowers, 2 snow throwers, work out equipment, etc... one year I had 185 orders.

Plus the annual Amazon abuse contest in which I'm on a 2 year winning streak :-)

So I wonder if I'm partially to blame for their loss of revenue.


@boiler90: They aren't forcing anyone to use the regular shipping. They are simply offering an incentive to do so. My mom has a Prime account and you are allowed to share the shipping benefits with up to 5 people so I piggy back on her account. I don't get the free e-book or video streaming privileges but I have saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars in shipping costs.


Part of the fine print:

"Promotional offer applies only to qualifying products sold by displaying the offer message on their product information pages on the website. Qualifying products not displaying the offer message or sold by other merchants or third parties do not qualify for this promotional offer."

I've looked at easily 25 DVDs I've been thinking of purchasing just to see if the "offer message" pops-up. Nothing. So it doesn't look like I'll be trying to use it. I'll be Down Voting this but I still think it would be an excellent permanent Amazon Prime feature! For when I come onto to buy something that weighs more than a few ounces, that's my guess why DVDs aren't included.


I think they just want more people to get used to the idea of buying MP3's from them. Until recently, their daily album of the day was very cheap ($1.00- $3.99). Lately though it's several dollars more.


@geniekid: Yes, it is $80, and it's worth every single penny.


@allthefreakypeople: I agree. I keep my wish list stocked with things I'd like to buy some day, but I'm in no hurry for, so that I can hit the $25 for free shipping.

I understand that this doesn't work for other people, but it does for me.


I love the No-Rush shipping option!

I do wish that they bring back Saturday next-day/overnight shipping (e.g. order Friday and get it Saturday). That comes in handy. Sad that they don't seem to offer that any more... that does come in handy!

Get Amazon Prime! It's great to have.


@smithd685: free student account is only good for a year. Then you can renew for 30 bucks and that includes the streaming vids too


@oldhess: The only bad thing about the student account (and while it's a renewal of a student account) is that you can't let anybody else do the "piggyback" feature. It's not a huge deal, by my wife's Fire had to be registered in my name to get the perks and she has to have me order things for her to get prime shipping instead of ordering directly from her account.


but then, whats the point of Prime if you're not getting 2-day shipping?

wish more online stores would adopt shop runner.


@darkmagician1184: Two-day shipping is nice, but not EVERYTHING I buy is so time-sensitive a tradeoff like this isn't worth considering. Example; I had this offer pop up for a sound card on Sunday. I went for it, since I knew I wouldn't have the time to mess around with it until the next weekend anyway.


Prime is worth it. Shipping is great, and the instant video is starting to make a name for itself with the selection. Pairing it with my Kindle Fire is great, and it's the only place where I can stream every episode of The X-Files.


@oldhess & @bcorz: Actually it's only good for 6 months free/4 years at 50% off now, unless they changed it back again.


@bcorz: Yes you have to pay after the 1st year, but it's 50% off ($40/yr.)


This particular deal is over.

"Amazon $1 MP3 Credit for Declining 2 day Shipping w/Prime"

It ended: "July 31, 2012"