dealscaptain america: the first avenger amazon video…


@cyberpenguin: Yes, Video on Demand means rental.

I can't believe you downvoted it because you don't know that's what it means.


@dreamyvelvet: They do actually have an "own" option on some of their on-demand stuff.... but yes, it wasn't worthy of a downvote.


There are a couple other "recent" releases for a $1 also. I picked up the third Transformers (I feel like torturing myself, I guess) for $1 too. It earned me a $5 credit toward a Paramount DVD or Blu-ray purchase too.


Yeah I downvoted it because you can get this movie for a monthly fee for an infinite amount of time if you love it more than anything. Or you can get this move and like 10 other movies for 8 bucks a month. If you just had to see Captain America but no other movies you'd be better off going to Red Box for 99 cents.

Point being this isn't really a deal so much as it is Amazon saying hey, buy this because you don't know anywhere else to get it for this cheap.

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@tektonic: Sir or Madame, this is not 4Chan or Reddit. This is Woot. You have disrespected our community with your language.


This was a good deal for something I wasn't planning on owning anyway. As mentioned above, Transformers and Limitless are also available for the same price. If someone knows of a way to search for just $0.99 rentals, that'd be awesome as I couldn't find a way to do that level of filtering.


@pdubs: In the Amazon "Instant Video" section, click "All Movies" (in the left bar), scroll down to the bottom of the left bar and click the "$0-$1" link under the "Price" section. Alternatively, you can enter a price of "0.99" in the "from" and "to" box there.

Transformers and Captain America went back up (which is a shame, I was going to have my parents try Captain America out on their new TV when I arrived today), but Sherlock Holmes and Limitless are still $1.