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just FYI~
"Copper Clad" aluminum is not solid copper as quality booster cables are.
Vinyl coated cables get hard in cold weather = inflexible, rubber insulation does not become inflexible as quality booster cables are.
175 amp clamps?? should be 300 amp and higher for this style of clamp.


How Do You Determine What Jumper Cable Gauge You Need?

Jumper cable gauge refers to the thickness of the jumper cable's wiring. A standard set of jumper cables has a gauge rating of six. The smaller the gauge rating, the thicker the cables are. The thicker the cables are, the more effective they'll be. Nevertheless, a set of jumper cables with a gauge rating of eight should provide enough power to jump start most vehicles. For larger vehicles with larger batteries, it may be necessary to use a set of jumper cables with a gauge rating of six, or even four or two. The lower the gauge rating, the more expensive the cables tend to be.


@ecriscit: Combining your answer with greengolf's-
Everything you state is true, as is the "copper is more suitable to higher amps than merely copper clad" statement.
I've had a set of 1 gauge, 20 foot long cables for almost 30 years, and have started everything from lawnmowers to bulldozers without even getting the cables warm.
Buy the best you can afford 1 time.