dealsipod flash sale. for $29.99


ipod flash sale. for $29.99 so many other cowboom posts... just more BULL...


@ot08045: I agree 100%. I wish there was a way to block cowboom posts as they are all trash. It says on their website "Cowboom, a bestbuy brand". That says it all. A junk website owned by a crooked store. And by the way, there are NO ipods for $29.99 on the site.


@wjolivarez: They start at the lower end and at the beginning of this sale (1 AM Eastern) there were actually ones for $24.99. If you get near the end you find the more expensive ones as they always tend toward more expensive throughout the flash sales. The flash sale has nothing to do with ones listed elsewhere on the site.


Cowboom is fine. It's a resale site for Best Buy. Did you notice that Best Buy is plastered on the logo? They aren't hiding anything. So stop hating.
There is nothing wrong with it. I've gotten great deals off of it and have been very happy with what I bought (so far a TV, Wii, and bluetooth speakers). All work like new and I've had no problems with them. Just read the description for what you are buying.


I have made many great deals with Cowboom...BUT, it is not for the faint of heart, or the technologically stupid. You have to know what you are looking for and read the descriptions very carefully when you buy there. If you do that, you can get a great deal on slightly (or VERY) used items....Did I mention to READ the descriptions?