deals20% off any one item at harbor freight


I don't think I have ever bought anything at Harbor Freight that wasn't with a 20% off coupon. I get about 4 of them a month in magazines.


If you don't go to HF with 2 coupons then you're doing it wrong.


It's like Bed Bath & Beyond's coupons. 20% coupons are so easy to find I used one to buy a 20oz soda at the register.


@dekonreign: the dest part about bed bath and beyond is that they accept them after they expire. I keep them in the car.


@rayasf: They also accept online printouts of competitor's coupons. They just don't give a damn. I almost think they would accept "20% off" written on a sheet of paper in crayon.


Doesn't work, comes up invalid.


@jaeden09: Just wanted to let you know that your coupon just saved me $55 today - and even though the coupon says it's not valid on "sale" items it still went through just fine,.taking 25% off of the sale price.

Thank you so much!


Not sure about the fine print on the 25% off coupon, but the 20% coupons are fine to use on regular sale items and yellow tag clearance sale items, but not on special sale items.

By special, I mean open box items or in-store event sales or parking lot sales.

I would imagine the fine print is the same on the 20% and 25% coupons.