dealsget 25% off your entire order + free shipping


the code doesn't work on the site. Also you can't buy just the top off card only; you have to buy it with a sim chip.


@ronnyboy: The description states: "25% off your entire order when you buy any phone, any plan, and any SIM from PTel. " So a SIM, phone, and plan is required as sort of a "bundle" to have the discount code applied.


Prepaid is the way to go. It's cheaper than contract plans, you own your phone, outright, and you don't have to worry about contracts.

I don't know about Ptel's service, but 25% off sounds like a good deal to me. If I were looking for a new phone, I would look into this company a little more (I currently have Straight Talk and I am very happy with them). I'm just guessing Ptel probably use Sprint's towers, like most pre-paid services. The price of the plans are excellent, also. Just be careful, if you get the "Real Paygo" plan, because data adds up VERY FAST.

By the way, I added some stuff to my cart, to see if it worked; the coupon code works just fine.


PTEL is a T-Mobile reseller. their service is a discount for individual lines, but not for multiple lines

1 line = $40 Ptel = $50 Tmob
2 lines = $80 Ptel = $80 Tmob
3 lines = $120 Ptel = $90 Tmob
4 lines = $160 Ptel = $100 Tmob
5 lines = $200 Ptel = $110 Tmob

For me (with 3 lines) T-Mobile directly is a better deal.


My wife and I are both on PTEL (pay as you go). We each have a Nexus 4 (amazing phone for the price). We each end up using between $5 and $10 per month each (saves us over $80/month over our previous Sprint bill). We are frugal with our minutes (google voice number forwards to home phone/work phone as well as cell for when we aren't in the house) and use wifi when available for data.

Agreed, if you use mobile data heavily, go for an unlimited plan. You can't beat T-mobile right now (especially if you need multiple lines). But if you are frugal with your usage, PTEL is great.