dealssupersac black velvish package for $499.00


I can't tell from the description... is this for watching sports or having sex? :-)


One of my pet sitting clients had one of these, his dogs and cats shared it. It was awesome! Super comfortable and supportive. He offered it to me for free if he moved but his ex-wife took it instead ):


I have a LoveSac called a SuperSac. It is the 6ft size and I used to sleep on it while I was in college and couldn't afford a mattress (I had the LoveSac prior to going out to school). Super comfortable, so much so that I ended up sleeping on the LoveSac even after I purchased a mattress.

The prices are similar to buying any other major furniture but they are well worth the price in my opinion.


This would be a good chair for the Octomom's kids.


something weird about a product called "lovesac"....


I own a lovesac and couldn't be happier! We have the supersac as well and if you look at the description you do not get an squattoman, you get a cover for it. I recommend this product for anyone!


I have the knockoff version which really isn't a knock off. Just not name brand. I bought it on for $250 for XL Memory Foam Lounge Bag. It is amazingly comfortable. We keep it in the living room and when we just wanna crash in front of the HDTV.


I placed an order when this was posted. I received an email when I registered as a customer, and another confirming my order details. A day later I was able to log back into their website and check the status of my order, which appeared as expected.

Today I find the following: yields a 404 error claims that my email address is unrecognized

Until I hear back from their support dept, I must recommend against this deal.


Above comment rescinded. Their website login page now reflects that they had some account history issues prior to Jan 30. I contacted their support dept as indicated and they still have all of my order details and confirm it will be shipped in a few weeks (as expected). Recommendation FOR this deal.


periodically will have this deal minus the squattoman cover for half this price. I got my supersac from there and love it. Came with blue cover and was rightunder $300 shipped. Still a much lower price than you would pay in store for this same sac.


I just got the Moviesac in yesterday (was posted here last week). Freaking amazing and worth every penny. Of course the movie sac is only a 5' sac but is great for an average couple. My wife and I can cuddle up on it perfectly and Im a little over 6ft tall. For a few hundred dollars more I could have gotten all this, which would have been amazing, but a bit outta my price range. IF you have the money and space for this, you wont regret the purchase.