dealscar key chain micro-camera mini dvr video…


@tsfisch: did you ever get into the secret shopping gigs?


I bought this type of key chain camera (looks exactly like this eBay one) from meritline 2-3 years ago, and when I got the product, it had a sticker taped to the item saying something about it was made with some material that could considered to cause cancer in California state.

The video quality is decent for a very small camera, and the audio is amazingly decent. "Decent" in term of quality for such a small item. I recall it uses lithium battery so you can recharge it over and over.

Because of that dam warning sticker, I don't carry this around and just laying there collecting dust or if I ever need to desperate need to use it. I'm very health-consious. Had I knew the type of material they used with the warning sticker, I wouldn't have bought this from meritline in the first place.


Are you going to be grinding it to dust and snorting it? Eating it with your cereal? Chewing on it like a dog toy? Unless you are, you don't have a whole lot to worry about.


@passthesky: You must never have bought anything plastic before, as this warning is VERY common. Even our Christmas tree box has it.