dealsdoctor who tardis beach towel for $14.99


This is pretty cool....

I'm just not sure I want Dr. Who fans approaching me while I'm at the beach.


In for 3? Maybe 4... if the little one turns into a Dr. Who fan I don't want her trying to swipe my towel.


Darn I just ordered a bunch of stuff from TheNextBestThing. This towel being one of them. I paid $23 but at least I didn't have to pay shipping which at thinkgeek brought the price up to almost what I paid anyway.


Buy two towels and a bag of bacon croutons and get a free 13 Years of Chaotic Awesome Shirt. Thanks!


Does it unfold out to be bigger on the inside than out?


I actually bought one of these as soon as they came out, after a long time staring at the screen and debating if it was worth the price+shipping. The quality is GREAT. I'd pay the full price again.