deals5 single quarts of mobil super synthetic motor…


@drhardcrab: And actually your WalMart link is the better deal (although it shows at $25.17 for a 5 qt. jug). The original posted Advance Auto Parts deal is for "Mobil" Super Synthetic, and WalMarts is "Mobil-1" Advanced Full Synthetic. According to a comparison on the Mobil oil website, Mobil-1 is a superior oil in many ways.


@bakonwoot: I was just about to ask what the difference is between "Mobil Super Synthetic" and Mobil-1. In one of my cars Mobil-1 is the only oil I use, in my other car I run regular dinosaur oil.


Wal-Mart also has 5 qt jugs of Castrol full synthetic for a similar price as well as Shell Rotella for less, iirc.