dealsthe woot valentine’s day for dudes magazine sale…


The shopping cart is a PITA but I played with it a bit and confirmed you can get up to 3 years of multiple magazines for the discounted price (per mag, per year). Nice.


As a professional sports photographer... and a female, I take offense to ESPN and Popular Photography being implied as "Dude magazines"....LOL! just kidding I'm not offended, but don't forget some chicks like sports and photography also! ;)

You dudes can have "Wired" though..


I was only able to get one year of ESPN, but I was offered a year of Popular Mechanic for $4.99/yr during checkout.


@scuds20: Figures, that's the one mag I didn't try - I tried the other two both as single-year and 3-year.

/not a sports fan, at least to the point I'd read ESPN


@lildetroitmama: Don't worry, we men won't feel bad if you purchase on "our" deal :)


@tsfisch Still a great deal, not going to complain! A hard copy ESPN subscription also provides access to ESPN Insider on their web page, for those of you who might be unaware!


Good deal! Got Wired and Popular Photography

Subtotal: $131.97
Sales Tax: $0.00
Shipping: $0.00
Total before Discounts $131.97
Wired Magazine Subscription Coupon ($16.0 off) ($48.00)
Popular Photography Magazine Subscription Coupon ($20.01 off) ($60.03)
Total: $23.94


This is a great deal. I've had an ESPN magazine subscription before, and honestly I didn't care for it. However, I figured I'd give Wired a shot. For $3.99, you can't go wrong!


Been waiting for the Wired Magazine deal for a month or two, 3.99 a year is a great price. Our sub recently ended, so perfect timing! 3 years for 11.99-- That's just ridiculous.


I got the Popular Photography for 8.00 for two years. Good Deal!


Nice deal. Just got 3 years of WIRED for $11.97! W00T!


In for a year of Wired for the hubs and Scored Popular science for $4.99!


Good deals. Title could've done w/o the sexism though.


Where i put in the discount code?


In for 3 years of Wired. Here's to hoping this still exists in print form in 3 years.


thanks great dEAL dont forget u cant get wired on your ipad to for free u just have to put the info from the mag to set it up. :)


ESPN is a terrible magazine, but for this price, it's worth it for access to Insider information on the web site.


I've been looking to grab a Wired subscription for my household for quite a while. Thanks WOOT! But sexism sucks. Ladies can be into technology and cameras too!