dealshp deskjet 1055 all-in-one color printer, scanner…


@mjonczak: I read the "horror stories" and except for one review, everyone liked it. You can't buy a cartridge for under $40, let alone a printer. I think this my be my new backup.


@badpookey: please, please make certain that you post your review in September on Amazon Review what you thought of this printer. I'm always intrigued by buyers who don't heed the advice of other reviewers.


@mjonczak: Most of the reviews at the link are good.


@morriea: hi. Just a little thought about reviewers: when they write 1-2 lines about how great a product is, it sounds phony. On the other hand, when someone takes the time to write paragraphS about how bad a product is, believe them. You shouldn't look at the good numbers of reviews as opposed to the negative numbers of reviews; BUT the intensity of the reviewer. Just my own personal thoughts.


@mjonczak: I do consider that, as well as a happy customer generally is getting exactly what was expected and not taking the time to post a review (just another goes both ways). I always take all reviews with a grain of salt. The real problem here is you posted "read the horror stories" with the link (I credit you for linking) which made me believe I was going to see this large number of major problems. It was simply not true. I think you slanted your post more toward the negative than the actual reviews that you linked. I applaud your POV, just did not see the evidence that your post would suggest.

Do not get me wrong, your post had it's desired effect and got me to follow it. I just do not necessarily agree that the "horror stories" were the major point of the reviewers as a whole.


@morriea: yes, I guess that you could look at it that way. To me, negative reviewers that go into great detail about all of the problems that they incurred with the product and the steps that they tried to rectify the situation greatly influence me (especially when the lengthly negative reviews are more then a few). Oh well, I guess that I miss out on some great deals with my philosophy. I shouldn't try to convince others NOT to buy a product if I hadn't bought/owned the product myself.