dealsricardo rbh bel aire luggage (any size) for $99…


so many votes down, will someone give a reason why? I was considering getting the rolling garment bag but hesitant with -43 votes. Thanks


@kappelzs: I usually get a little suspicious too when I see a lot of downvotes without any or many negative comments. If their experience with something wasn't worth the time to type up a comment, it can't be TOO bad. Two of the other four sponsored deals today are also getting a lot of downvotes with very little in the way of comments to back it up. Makes me wonder if there just aren't more Sunday Grumps than usual this week?


I'm not sure about the downvotes, either. Maybe it's not actually a very good price. What I can say is that I've been ordering form eBags for years, and I've always had very good experiences. It's my favorite web site for ordering travel merchandise.


I'm pretty skeptical about the downvotes as well. I recently started ordering from eBags and both of my orders were delivered quickly, cost less than anywhere else I could see, and the website information and customer reviews were really helpful. Plus these particular bags seem to have excellent ratings, and I can't see them for less on other sites. They're also about $20 cheaper through Woot than when you go through the eBags site directly (I checked). I guess a whole lot of people are just annoyed about this being a sponsored listing. I sort of need some new luggage and I will probably take advantage of this deal.


It's groupthink; folks see the downvotes, so they'll conform and click down too.

I'm indifferent on this deal, so no votes from me, but that's also because I have the luggage (of the sub-$10 thrift store variety) that I need already.