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Can we get a Harvard vs MIT Woot off? UP VOTE!!


@gacouponguy: I don't think anyone here's attended either..


If this doesn't become the #2 deal of the day then I don't want to live on this planet anymore?


@cowboydann: This is not a deal at all... MIT decided to do this a few years ago, they've been free for awhile.


I love them for this!!! used it for months


@chlimouj: Quality free educational opportunities are always a deal. Of course, they'd be better with free continental breakfast and schwag bags...


sweet! now i can get all edumacated!


This is a very nice interactive course to refresh high school French or to pick up enough to get by on vaca:

There are other courses listed, but many of them are still under development.



Now I can tell people about the period in my life when I decided to stop attending Harvard, because I MIT offered to give me a free education.


I will take Physics: String Theory (with its prerequisites)
and be as smart as Sheldon Cooper


This IS a deal! Some of us did NOT know of free courses from major universities (and I have Masters of Science from the old fashioned and expensive way). I am very appreciative of all of you who have added these courses. Thank you!


Is this a deal? What could an MIT course be worth $50? Maybe $75?
(tongue in cheek, I have a daughter at RPI, please don't misunderstand my early morning humor and cause a sh*tstorm or well meaning indignation on my behalf)


joining the crowd. adding in recorded lectures from Berkeley:,s

vote-for6vote-against is a great collective site with free courses listed from the schools that have been mentioned above.


I've used these courses. They are definitely extensive and offer a lot of useful information especially those looking for classes at no cost, but want something comprehensive.

The classes offered do seem like they require some material for the lectures.


These are also a great resource for current students. Often times I'll refer people to these things when they want another way to look at the material covered in class.


@lagerhowen: Yeah shows how outdated these are because string theory is now replaced by M theory...


I wonder how many people will ACTUALLY use these.


Interesting to see these posts. Has anyone read Steve Jobs's Biography? The media was glamorizing the fact that he was a "college drop-out" when if you read the biography, he said he didn't want to pay tuition to take courses he didn't want or need. His professors continued to let him take "audit" the courses he wanted to take (for free), and he continued to do that for years at many different universities. I highly educated man, without a college degree. I am thankful for these posts. I have a terminal degree, but there are so many courses I did not get to take because of "core" requirements. I look forward to being able to audit some classes for free :)


This is fantastic for anyone looking to learn something new, or to refresh yourself on something you may be a little rusty on. Knowledge truly is power, for from knowledge comes opportunity, and from opportunity, $ MONEY $.



These remind me of the Republicatarians here in Kalifornia.
When asked why the the East LA (Hispanic) public schools were limited to 10th grade books, Ahnuld stated "How much education do you need to work at fast food and factories?"
After lawsuits over "Social Graduation", (if you spent over four years in high school you were therefore entitled to a diploma) the LAUSD instituted a standard graduation test. Of course if you had a 9th grade "C" grade education you could easily pass it, but that was the point.
At one point a high school education was so meaningless the colleges made all freshmen take remedial courses. Embarrassing to the State, right? The solution was to make college freshmen courses equal to high school senior classes.
At last was "You are entitled to as much education as you can afford!"
The number of open college positions were lowered, the Dream Act replaced a large percentage, and the tuition was then jacked up on the remaining citizens.
Duh! Winning!


This has been going on for at least 14 years... but it is fantastic and I'm glad to see the excitement.

BTW: If you want to learn Python programming, check out the "Intro to Computer Science and Programming" course.


@gidgaf: Wow... I used to be impressed with California - now that I have a son, I'm crossing it off my list (after reading your post).
Sad, I liked what I saw when I worked in Silicon Valley back in 2000. :'(