dealsfree plants vs zombies code (redeemable oct 30th…


There are too many choices. Which PEAH8R code should I choose...


@hammurabi1337: Im not sure, i posted it with the coupon directly so the code would be there
@andydoug: I linked the coupon without posting the code because it gives EA an idea of how many people accessed their coupon.


@squirtle456: oh, that definitely was posted then. Jumbowoot will take mine down in a sec.


You answered your own question. So, umm, I'm not sure if I'm still supposed to answer it, or ignore it, or just go, 'you're right, buddy.'

So confused. I'm gonna lie in the fetal position, now.

By the way, NEITHER of these deal posts include so you can print unlimited free codes to pass out for Halloween, which is the purpose of the code to begin with.

So, please - think of the kids.


Actually, the link posted was ALSO a repost.

Here's the original from September 10.

Still, thanks for the reminder! :)

(not all of us have to be haters, ya know.)