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Ordered on Xmas evening. Still haven't received mine despite two contacts, both assuring me the order is "in production" and will be shipping in 7-10 days.

I'm not saying it's a rip-off yet, but when I cannot track the order and its been 20 days, you can see why I'm becoming concerned.

Or is this the latest form that BK Enterprises is taking?


@markhca: Thanks for the info! I'll just stick to zenni...


I hate how they always mark up the prices prior to posting a sale. Glasses I ordered for $4.95 Friday are now $9.95.


I ordered a pair not too long ago from them. It only took a couple of weeks to get them, however the coating started to come off on one the lenses almost immediately. The quality of the stuff they sell is just plain crap.


Goggles4U Subtotal for 1 pair: $75.94 - Discount (DealWoot1): -$10.90 = $65.04?

I'd rather stick to other sites that offer cheap Rx glasses for $4.95 instead.


I've had good experiences with Goggles4u several times in the past, although I haven't ordered from them in a while. I see that they finally fixed their site, to their credit.
There is a substantial wait to get your order. In the five or so orders that I placed, I believe the quickest came in three weeks, and the longest not much more than four. The quality is not amazing, but better than serviceable. None of the coatings on mine are peeling off. I've dropped a few of them a number of times, and they are all in just as good shape as when I received them.
I've never ordered from Zenni, but I wouldn't be surprised if the quality was a small step above these. Not much, mind you, and a bit more expensive at that. But unless they've gone downhill in the past year(And if they had, I'd imagine the downvotes would pile up), you shouldn't have any worries about buying from Goggles4U.


I have ordered from Goggles4u 3 times. The first time I ordered some thin frame ones. They came in, I had them checked at my optometrist, and they said the prescription was good, though it felt a little different than my current glasses, but if I wore them for a day I would get used to them. Then I ordered another pair probably about a year ago, and now I wear those every single day, and they are great! Then about 3 months ago I ordered some prescription sunglasses. They came in, the prescription was not very good, they would make me dizzy, and they looked somewhat different than on the web, more of a girls style and seeing as I am not a girl, they didn't really work out. It does take awhile to get your glasses, but for such a small price it's worth it to give it a shot I think.


I got two pair of glasses for my 9-year-old daughter with the last deal (2 for $20 including shipping) and she really likes them. One of the pairs even had little magnetic sunglasses that attach to the frame. She said it took a day to get used to the new ones, but now she can't tell the difference and they are really cute on her. I was surprised at how fast they arrived...I want to say it was about 3 weeks. I wasn't expecting any faster than that.


Worst. Glasses. EVER. Took 14 weeks for delivery. Lenses cloudy, frames HORRIBLY constructed.


Last time I ordered about 6 pairs for myself, and a few for my wife. Not one pair is usable for either of us. Out of mine, maybe 2 of them are almost focused enough to wear. The others are way off. The prescription is not even close. My wife has the same problem with all three of hers... she can't use any of them. I thought I had meticulously entered the prescription data for each of us. Could I have made a mistake on both? Anything is possible I guess, but it seems very unlikely. I didn't bother contacting the company or returning them, not worth the argument for $4.99 per pair.


You get what you pay for when it comes to these. These are more of a prop item, not meant for long term use.


@bescod01: I find the frames at Goggles4u to be decent but their lenses are atrocious! I sent them my prescription and carefully measured my PD and their lenses were crap. I could see with them but I could also see rainbows in the lenses and they gave me headaches and double vision. I went back to my old broken glasses I was hoping to replace and took the Goggles4u frames to my local place and they put new lenses in it. The bonus is that the lenses were free under my insurance!

Buy if you want the frames for a cheap second pair.


I went through this for three months. The trick seems to be to order no extras, then you'll get your order in decent time.
Any tinting or anything out of the ordinary seems to completely throw them.

The quality is pretty sub-par, but does anyone really expect anything else for this price?

Don't get me wrong, I'm wearing a pair of their specs right now, but it's likely the lowest quality frame I've ever had, and it was attempt 2 after they sent me a completely warped pair the first time.

I'm not saying avoid them, just saying you will get exactly what you pay for, which is not much.


@breaddrink: You said "you will get exactly what you pay for, which is not much" and I agree. When your eyesight is involved you should pay a little extra and get good glasses. These are great for a second or third pair but I would never use them as primary glasses as I must go out in public.


Got a response from my "It's been 20 days, now what?" message to them:

"This is to inform that your order is in the final stages of the production department. As this is a customized product so delay is possible. As we just want to make sure that the product clears all the quality parameters before it’s ready to be shipped out. The normal transit time is 3-4 days after shipment."

An image from a Rube Goldberg assembly line comes to mind, but we have learned that 7-10 days equals 20+ days. And since they are in the 'next over' postal area, a next day mailing will take 3-4 days, though I suspect that's just their boilerplate language there.


During the months that my order took, they gave me the same response every single time.

Look up reviews on better business bureau and you'll notice the negative reviews all say the same.

Not to say that the order won't REALLY be in the final stages eventually, but if you're in the same neck of the woods I was, wait the time they state, go back online, and ask them again.
I received the same response about the stage they were at again and again.