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I've had these for years, and used them many times to help with moving. THEY WORK!! I love them, and all my friends think I'm a complete dork because I sing their praises every chance I get (just had neighbors move in next door and extolled the virtues of the Forearm Forklift). This is a great deal, and beats the heck out of carrying stuff unassisted, or trying to move things using a dolly.


Suggest if you want these buy them from another site,avoid Dailsteals. Very poor shipping times and almost no customer service.


@drjing: I agree, I do lots of moving jobs on the side and I have found they are mircaulous for moving mattresses full size and up, especially floppier ones. I use these almost every move we do.


@jmbunkin: Agree. If you need these in a hurry, don't buy them from Daily Steals. However, the price is right, and I've always gotten my goods when I purchased from them (though I did have to contact them one time about an unreasonably long delay).

@davidschronic: These are particularly handy with heavy, tall pieces of furniture. Moving an awkward armoire is a breeze with these!


I'd like to throw my confirmation of these in. I love them. I used to do collections and I would have to go reposes washers, fridges, couches, ect. These saved my back and made work tons easier.

$5.76 with free shipping on eBay
But I was Quoted: "Estimated delivery: Between Thursday, Sep. 5 and Monday, Sep. 23"


I have used these during several moves, and they are awesome for any time you are dealing with stairs or heavy furniture. I had my 14yo son and his friend move a refrigerator with these. Definitely a back saver.


@boosturtle: Thanks for this referral, picked up this set with free shipping.


@boosturtle: Fair warning, there is knock off that has circulated of this. See this review on Amazon:

If anyone does pick up one from this ebay seller, please come back and mention the quality and if it is a 2" or 3" strap.