dealstouchpads from hp @ firesale prices - refurbished…


Also available will be a $79 bundle including a case, Touchstone dock, and wireless keyboard.


I can't wait to see how many negative votes this gets


@pxb006: Triple digits, with any luck :)


@pxb006: I would think since this is actually a deal with original firesale prices, it will stay positive... It got my +1 anyway! Thanks @dcalotta for posting.


Yeah, this is what everyone wanted and why they voted down every other Touchpad deal that wasn't $99/$149. This is probably the very last chance to get any Touchpads from HP at the firesale prices. I have a 32GB, but I may try to get a 16GB for a gift for someone at these prices, if I can swing it.


Guess I could be wrong. My only thought was because they're refurbs.


Great deal still. Love my touchpad. However it is not for the weak minded ipad users.


@poolkat1: They're not on sale yet. Read the description.


@poolkat1: lol sunday 12/11. that's not yet okay?


Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see anything on those pages. Not even a notice about them being available on 12/11.


@sohjsolwin: An email was sent out to HP employees advising them.


@dcalotta: Are the employees the only ones who will have access to firesale prices or will everybody have access?


@coldwatercreep: It's on ebay, so it will be public.

Here is an excerpt from the email: "Note: In an effort to give HP employees first chance at a very limited supply of refurbished TouchPads, there will be a short delay between when the product is posted live for sale on eBay and when the general public is notified of the sale."


@coldwatercreep: It's eBay: If you've got PayPal, you've got buying power.


If I remember, I might be in on this.

Surprise gift for a parent! But yeah right, good luck getting one.


Well I just set an alarm... guess we will see what happens!


sweet. even if webOS goes away, so easy to root for Android.


@dcalotta: Wow, so HP employees are being given ANOTHER chance to purchase them and resell them for profit? Thanks HP...


Got one. Fantastic when CyanogenMod 7 is ported. (very easy to do) Boot Android or WebOS !


Touchpad rocks. Beautiful screen and, if you can follow directions, very easy to dual boot with Android CM7 (soon CM9 Ice Cream Sandwich). More powerful than an iPad 2, faster than a locomotive. I have the 32GB.

Gonna try to get the girlfriend a 16GB for Christmas.


Ah man, why don't you just post a 2012 Black Friday deal - I want something I can buy now!!!


@kirkhilles: I'm guessing very limited supply means extremely limited, so I don't think it matters either way. People will find out about this deal (a lot like how we found out about it). HP thinks they are hiding the deal from the general public, but they are not. Trying to get one of these Touchpads will be like trying to score a BOC. Except the Touchpad probably doesn't even have 3000.


Can't wait to get my hands one two of these puppies :) How do we know which ones will be available though?


You all are doing it wrong. If you want the slightest chance of getting one, you're supposed to read the post, put it on your calendar, then downvote it so no one else sees it.

John Nash would be rolling over in his grave.

Of course, the damage has already been done, so it would be worthless for me to downvote it now.


ok, whats the point? Why post something like this and it not be available? No wonder HP is near bankrupt....


@smallbigtall: I considered such action, but given that it would be posted anyway, I'm going for the personal benefit of deals.woot rep :)

Life is good.


@smallbigtall: It's only a matter of time before it's on every other deal site (if not already) :)


it was on slickdeals hours ago...


Can aybidy pls tell from where and when can i buy it ?


@hackman2007: Oh I agree--I first saw it on slickdeals--but everybody on the other deal sites is doing it wrong too.

@dcalotta: Looks like you made the correct assumption that people are idiots when it comes to game theory :)

In for 3.


I'm assuming many of the "refurbished" Touchpads will simply be ones they had to replace a back cover on from where they cracked near speakers/ports. I'm sure the one I just sent in last week will probably be one of them. Nothing beats becoming addicted to your hp touchpad, only to have to turn around and ship it back and wait 7 to 10 business days for the replacement. I would love to snag one for my mom and stepdad during the ebay sale. But I agree...we'd probably have a better chance of winning a BOC, or even getting struck by lightning.


@smallbigtall: hey man !! can u please tell me whether i can buy it now and from where if yeas ??


@ronrulzz: hey "man" !! did u evin reed the original post ??

Kidding. Kind of. Not really. Welcome to deals.woot!


Awesome; My mother has been wanting a tablet, so hopefully she will be happy with this...presuming I manage to snag one of course.


For those wanting one of these, I'd recommend the 32GB model, as the memory is NOT upgrade-able, even if you crack it open. The memory is not on a DIMM or card, but on a soldered-in chip.


Has anyone accidentally cracked their screen and successfully replaced it somehow?

I left mine on the top of my car, drove off, realized what was going on when it fell off and then 2 cars behind me ran it over. The little $150 HP TP STILL EFFING WORKS- but the screen is shattered. Help?..


@pacenerd: sell it on e-bay as "Slightly run over." Seriously, though, a new touch screen will run you at least $70 if you can do the work yourself. Don't ask me where to find one though. Although, some guy in China hacked a small laptop screen for a custom tablet (you can buy the touchscreen component separately). You could make it a frankenpad.


I bought one of these on the origioanl fire sale. They are good for web browsing but honestly that is about it. The app selection is awful. Really awful.


DOWNVOTE DOWNVOTE DOWNVOTE!!!!! Save some for meeeee


where is the product? I know I will miss this, how many in stock?


This is gonna be funny.
I seriously doubt eBay servers have the capacity to handle the fury that this deal will unleash unto them. ...but maybe.

Think: SCHEDULED BOC with 1-week advance notice :)

We pound the living sh*t out of Woot! servers, and we only get a rough idea, with almost no warning (for the BOC).


@drchops: I wouldn't doubt for a second they're banking on the traffic to move a few other bargain products. They claim they want to offer employees a first-chance at them, but do it on a public medium?


If you root it with HoneyComb, you will forever regret your decision to do so. The processor/RAM is not equipped to flawlessly run that particular OS. Go with GingerBread 2.2, if you are going to root it. Or if you are a true badass (learn kernels), duel-boot Ubuntu + Windows Starter on it :P


I dont see any touchpads for sale?


@drchops: LOL, so how many hours do you think eBay is going to be down? I'm guessing 1 hour minimum.

HP has no idea what they just started.


I managed to get a 64GB. Need another one.


@hackman2007 @rabbidpanda This is gonna be interesting heh.. yeah, they're definitely using to to draw traffic.. retailers like traffic, that's just nature.

But I don't think they fully appreciate the KIND of traffic they're gonna be hammered with. Although, that may have something to do with why HP is throwing the party at somebody else's house :)


@darksoul13: I'm just gonna delete all those assumptions and replace it with a question lol

How much did you get the 64gb for?