dealsgamo shadow express .22 cal. air rifle/shotgun…


WARNING: You must be 18 or older to purchase Air Guns.

WARNING: Air Guns cannot be shipped to CA; CT; DE; IL; MI; New York City; NJ; D.C.; MA; Canada or Puerto Rico. Air Guns cannot be shipped Parcel Post. Please check your State, County and City laws for restrictions before ordering Air Guns.


I hate living in the golden state of crappy guns.


@sinner3k: I feel your pain on this one. This gun is so "good" that even Michigan says you can't mail order it.


I love my state. Texas and chicken and beer! :-)


Ive bought air guns from pyramid air through Amazon and had them shipped into NYC. ... just sayin'.


Stupid Michigan grumble grumble grumble


I actually have this airgun, and it's excellent.

The shotshells run about $7-9 for 25 of them. Even though it's not a rifled barrel, it's surprisingly accurate when using .22cal pellets.

I bought mine maybe a year ago at Academy Sports in Houston, and I think I may have paid $110 or so.

Perfect for coons and possums.


Darn, I could use one of these but I live in California.

Does anyone know of another way to communicate with squirrels? I would like them to leave my avocado tree alone, but I've yet to find a way to reason with them.


Does anyone know- Is this powerful enough to kill a 4-6 foot snake? (shot to the head)I live near a lake & sometimes one will sunbathe on the lawn. My 410 is a bit noisy.



I bought this recently from Cabela's for about $100 ($99.9x). The shotgun shells are really expensive, compared to regular pellets. The pellets can thump pretty well, though. (it comes with an adapter to shoot pellets, too)You can find Youtube videos showing you how to reload the shells. I've not done it yet, since I've still got a bunch of shells left, but it does look very hard. Cabela's ships to California, too!

Edit: I just checked the Cabela's site,and it looks like they don't have the $100 refub in stock at the moment, but the shotgun shells are only $4.99! Whoohoo! Never seen 'em that cheap! Too many people must be bitching about the high price, I guess.


@ebalzen: If you're using pellets, it should be able to kill it, no problem. With the shells, a close range shot might kill it, but I really couldn't say.


In my first post, I meant to say that it doesn't look very hard to refill the shells. Even though I've still got a couple of packs of shells, I just bought three more from Cabela's. You can't beat that price! If you live in California and decide to buy this from another retailer, make sure you're going to get the pellet adapter with it. I've noticed that Airgun Depot states specifically that it no longer comes with the adapter. I just bought mine (Cabela's, about 2 months ago), and it came with it. I believe Sportsman's Guide also provides it.


marcoselmalo, that is why God invented paintball. :) pick up an old smart parts ion. at 18-23 balls per second, those squirrels will pass on the story of the Forbidden Tree of Pain and Color for generations...


@vinithehat: Are you certain that really happened, and it wasn't perhaps a dream?
Tried doing that on Friday. Pyramyd cancelled my order on Saturday.


nope. totally did it last april. i was amazed as hell. you went through amazon?


@vinithehat: Sure did. Actually got my hopes up, as the Amazon portion of the transaction went smoothly. But 24hrs later, a cancellation email from Pyramyd. So consider yourself lucky!

Fortunately for us prospective airgunners in NYC, a purchase is just a drive to LI away…


Got my Sheridan .20 cal shipping to MI couple weeks ago. Had no idea that it was even an issue.


The 20 cal is allowed to ship to michigan, the 22 is where they draw the line. I have two 22 pump pellet guns (one crossman 2200 magnum, and a 1322) that are both grandfathered.

for as gun friendly as michigan is, they really have it out for the airgunners


@ebalzen: Egads! Of course it would kill a water snake. So would a stick or a rock. But I really encourage you not to kill em. They eat mice and rats which carry lots of nasty bugs. Like Lyme, which I recently discovered I had. The mice are the food for the baby ticks, then they grow and give whatever they have picked up to larger animals. I've even taken to catching and releasing snakes in the woods behind my house.... Then again, some folks think I'm crazy.

I want the gun for the tree rats and rabbits that are eating everything I plant. I've heard .22 cal is much quieter and powerful then the .177 cal guns.