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I keep hearing this is pretty awful and they totally destroyed CS with it.. anyone have any comments that confirm or deny this?


Isn't it basically CS with newer graphics, similar to how CS:Source was?


Yes, there are new game modes and new weapons. I've also heard that this game is a piece of crap or blah blah, but that's coming from people who have been playing CS since the original mod. I think it will be a great game regardless and I'll be getting it anyway.


@glfaholic: It feels more like a Call of Duty game than a CS game now.


The people that say this game is crap, are the same ones that have played CS from its beginnings.
I have been playing the beta since month 1 of beta, and it is fantastic.

The guns feel good, you dont feel like a bullet hose with no reaction, you still need to be very controlled with every weapon to get a kill, the awp is the same, the m4a1 is different in appearance and no more silencer.

The game is slightly different in the terms of spray and feedback of weapons, just changed dynamics, its slightly more random/predictable per weapon (p90 is bullet hose start at the head then bring to their knees at 10m dont let off)

The only places where valve did a no no was in the *menu system and in game buy menu.

**Crosshairs are wierd

* can be fixed with console tweak, and you can set up scripts for autobuy to avoid ingame menu.

**crosshair tweak in config

New gametype is amazing.

movement is near perfect, air movement is reduced.. thats it.