deals3 free months of playstation® plus w/ 1 year…


My only real concern with this is that they'll use the plus membership as an excuse to drop the quality of the free stuff we've already been getting -- for instance, a sudden dearth of demos for PSN games or vanishing free content updates.


I agree with eneref. Also don't like that the PSN games that you get while in the membership you can only use while you are paying for the membership.


I was excited about the Playstation network untill they actually revealed the plans. Think I'll stick with my Xbox Live Gold.


Oh man - the fanboy's last stronghold remaining argument "i get to play online for free" is going away? and its a plan thats piss poor in comparison?

wow... i can feel the world stopping on it's axis right now...

ok - snarky comments aside - the plan will likely evolve... and the level of service will improve once it moves to a pay plan... it has to becuase now they are financially accountable for said quality of service.

That's always been my one big thing about xbox gold vs. psn. I played on psn plenty of times - and the amount of exploits, cheating, inappropriate behavior, etc was so rampant, it became unenjoyable. on xbl - though it happens too - its far less because xbl moderators respond quickly to complaints and will pop in-game to make sure everything is kosher.

I know for a fact they take action against violators too - my nephew got his account suspended for a month and banned from forza for an exploit he was using.

I hope they choose to moderate!


Er... did you decide the title of this deal? Kind of misleading there. $49.99 gets you an extra three months free. You can't just get 3 months free right now to try it out.


Regular promotion. Not sure it should be on deals.woot. That, or the title should have been changed, as it is very misleading.



not a deal sorry... more like a promotional offer with purchase required

title is very misleading


Not a deal. In fact it's something of a rip off in my opinion. What kind of idiot would post this?


Forget posting. What idiots allowed it to get on the "Popular Deals" page??


@goatcrapp: I'm getting a little sick of this comment, people who say this are uninformed or the proverbial "fanboy" you're speaking of. It's still free to play, this is a content subscription, if you want some more games for a little bit of a discount, albeit on a pay per play basis, then you get this. If you don't want the games, don't subscribe. You can still play online.


(mod edit: profanity) Sony, first you take away my linux and now this?

I am definitely not buying a ps4.


While I don't think it's a great deal, they're not taking anything away from you. It's optional, and you can still play online without paying. They tried getting people to pay for their video magazine thingy that came with exclusive demos and such (Qore), now they are trying this. XBox Live is fun, but you have to pay AND it still has ads. That really annoys me, I must say. I only really use my Live Gold membership to play online with friends and use Netflix... it's annoying to have to pay. At least with my PS3, I can still play online for free. Also, I love my XBOX 360 and my PS3, but my 360 has already broken down on me once, and I'm pretty sure it'll happen again... makes me wary of the next XBOX, since the build quality is so terrible on the 360 and MS took their sweet time fixing it with this latest version (I have the Elite and it's no better quality than a launch unit).


For those of you who found it interesting enough to look at it, cared about it enough to post on it and whiny enough to complain about it..:

The "DEAL" aspect is as follows;

3 FREE months of PS+ (that's worth $18 bucks) When you get 1 year. [for a limited time]

Almost equally as important, it's new and it's interesting. Obviously you found it interesting enough to troll on in.

FYI...Title "3 FREE Months of PlayStation® Plus w/ 1 year..." There's a difference between misleading and misreading...Damn I'm witty.


As far as things nobody else cares about...I've wasted my life playing both PSN and Xbox LIVE!. All I can say is this; you get what you pay for...literally. Xbox LIVE kicks ass as far as features, user-friendlyness, being able to connect to friends etc.

PS3...well PS3 is very free. It doesn't give you any more than you need...sometimes, not even everything that you need. BUT, the Ps3 hasn't been hacked [in the mainstream sense].

Which means you don't have to worry as much about little rich kids - who's parents hate them - and middle aged, virgins, using aim bots and modded 360s to 'pwn n00bs' on COD.

Unfortunately there's always gonna be a douche with a light-switch spliced into his router.

XBox LIVE is definitely worth $30 a year (a la Woot/Dell), but I've been playin PSN lately, 'cause I don't have the extra money for XBL heh...


Actually, online gaming on PS is staying free. I thank Sony for that.

As of now, I think PSPlus isn't worth it. With the extra free months it comes out to about $3 a month for the service, which is fairly cheap but you just don't get that much good stuff from it. This is really only worth it, in my opinion, to someone who buys damn near anything the Playstation store has to offer. The free stuff you get isn't that great, and the discounts aren't on really worthwhile stuff.

I do see this having potential though. It'd be a lot better if they gave you options. For example, they have 40 or 50 things free and say you can choose 15 or 20 or whatever it was. Variety would make this far more appealing.

I agree with the concerns about the reduction of free stuff, but meh. As far as what I've read says, people with this account will only get it earlier. "Oh noooo, you got a costume in Littlebigplanet before I did! What a tragedy!"


@goatcrapp Just to hammer home a point that everyone else has already made, PSN is still free to play. Plus just gets you Hulu. Ohh and access to a number of good games included in the price. If this pace for deals/content keeps up Plus will be worth it.


@thedogma: There ARE definite benefits. I'm sure they'll become more enticing as time goes on...I gotta buddy who lives in NZ and they get free Killzone 2 DLC and a FREE copy of Little Big Planet (Full Game). That's pretty damn sweet...

I checked the store out, and there's some worthwhile stuff...half price Mortal Kombat II, etc...heh, sounds good, eh? know what they really need to add; is a party system, like XBL. Voice messages too. I hate having to TYPE everything...such a simple thing that'd bring a lot more people to PSN.


sony give you what you need for free, you have to pay extra for the bells and whistles.
xbox says all or nothing, so pay up suckers.

i have both because all my friends didnt pick the same systems. for the most part they are both the same except that its easier to talk/group up with friends on xbox 360.
so no more fan boy QQ and bitching. if you dont like the deal then quietly leave.


@jro2020: good until hulu disappears which is starting to crest on the horizon

@all: i haven't upgraded my ps3 since the sony april fool's day joke went bad. i see no reason to give sony any money now or in the future when they can do as they please with my hardware (regardless of their service, license or terms of use). sony has alienated a number of its users and unfortunately in talking with former sony employees, sony really doesn't care either. i like the sony brand but am put off by their actions. (i get the fact they are trying to protect their intellectual property in removing the OtherOS feature, but only 1% of the world would have taken the time to go through the hassle of truly modding their machine just to prove a concept. a concept mind you with no actual fruit bearing results!)

\endrant goto coffee


Already ordered this. Well worth it IMHO. I dlded Wipeout HD for free, RallyCross for my PSP for free, and that Zombie game for free as well. Time to get my race on.

Basic online gaming is still free to non-subscribers. This is a content subscription service. Not a play online game service. Between my Xbox live gold and this, I have to say this is a better deal.


I only bought a few games from the online store but one of them was Wipeout which I think I paid $15 or $20 for. Wish I could get a credit or another game for people who already paid for the free game. I'll probibly join plus. I did Qore for the first year, but it was weird how they made you go back to the date of purchase or the origional subscription every month to download the new issue.

I think PSHome is kind of fun now, first few months it was sad now they have some good content, but the still need more. They need free video that isn't just game previews. I liked the free PSN reality show they had, even though it was just to win a crappy entry level job at Sony.

I like the PSN but nearly everyone says that XBox live is better. I wish you could do Netflix without the Disk, TIVO and XBox don't need a disk to stream online movies. I wouldn't be a big deal if I didn't have a toddler who takes disks out all the time.