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I have always had bad luck with Tigerdirect rebates. They always try to wiggle out of the asking for the original receipt or UPC and then saying that they never received it. And when you say "OK, I'll send a copy, they say- No- we can only accept the original".


@petepapin1969: Sorry to here that. As you may or may not know Tigerdirect does not process the rebate. I on the other hand have had no problems with any rebates (Tigerdirect or others) and I rebate a lot.


Ehhh. I normally don't mind mail-in rebates.... but $45, more than half the total cost.... is a bit much. Think I'd rather just spend $80 (no MIR) and get the 1TB drive on Newegg. It's like buying two of these drives, and getting the MIR instantly. :-p


@firebirdude: Cheapest 1 TB WD I find on Newegg now is over $100 with shipping?


Tigerdirect rebate problems are very, very old news.

They paid attention and fixed the issues. I've gotten several rebates from them recently, and no problems at all.


@mickster1245: I would say that about 80% of the rebates offered on TigerDirect are from the clearing house that TigerDirect owns. Do a little research.

And TigerDirect rebate problems are not "a thing of the past" as suggested by someone below...just check their BBB rating and complaints. They are as recent as yesterday.