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Check out the reviews of these before buying. :(


I was going to buy then I read the reviews ... passing on this one.


Have to echo the sentiments above. Too many previous buyers are reporting these are lower quality than normal Fusion.

My guess is that these are factory seconds rather than actual knockoffs, but either way you do not appear to be getting the quality you expect.


There was only 1 review when I posted. At least the item is receiving more input now.


These are packaged and labeled in Fusion packaging, but they suck and are good for one maybe two shaves before they get rough...Don't waste your money.. I did


Wave off! I use meritline for things where quality isn't crucial: I have some really cool Starfleet cufflinks that I got from them, a multi tip screwdriver set (with tips for all kinds of odd screws), and a few other odds and ends where if the quality isn't quite up to snuff it isn't a real issue.

Razor blades aren't in that category. By all accounts these are awful. Stay away.


8 cartridges for 2/3rd the cost of 4 at Wally World? Danger Will Robinson, danger!!! Bad products detected!

It's a shame too, this is my favorite brand, and even model, blade.


Yes please stay away from these. I am one of those that bough and posted a review. They work, but you can tell the difference on the first pass. It was like they collected old cartridges, cleaned them up and repackaged them. Or maybe they didn't pass QC but still had to be sold as that brand for some reason. whichever, they are not worth the time or the nicks.


I bought these last time and they are not the quality that you get from the store. They are the exact packaging... I wonder if I could return them to Wally World, after opening the package a bit, so they coudn't be sold to another victim, I mean customer... Ultimately, Wally World would then deduct the returned item from their invoice to Gillette... So, Gillette gets what they deserve for even allowing these to be sold...


$22.50 for eight measly cartridges? Talk about a ripoff!
Do yourselves a favor and buy a safety razor, a good badger hair shave brush, and some real shave soap or cream. DE blades can be had 100 for $20 for some good ones! Not to mention the lesser amount of irritation you get from shaving that way.


No razor topic will last long without a safety razor evangelist jumping in.

We get it. You like using a safety razor. It makes you feel as if you are special, and you want to share that specialness with everyone.

If you aren't interested in the product being discussed, though, (and clearly you aren't), why not save your preaching for those "shave like a man" sales, where you can all pat each other on the back?

I swear, these guys are worse than Mac users.


@craigthom: Why not lighten up and realize that on a site all about saving money, some people will like to share a pretty big way to save money with other people?

But no, I get it, you like being an asshole and feel as if you need to share your assholeness with everyone. Why not save it for anti-DE forums? Or hey, maybe you can start one!

I swear, these guys are worse than Microsoft haters.


@stryker4526: These blades last me 5-6 weeks each, no DE blades can last more than a few shaves. Why don't you look for GILLETTE FUSION PROGLIDE POWER 8 PACKs and see what you find for a price. Otherwise stick "with" your DE blades.


@stryker4526: I'm the asshole? I'm not the one telling other people they are wasting money and that the proper way to shave is the way I do it, not the way they do it.

That's you. Everyone who doesn't agree with you is wrong. We get it. Now go enjoy your shave.


@chrisk380: 5-6 weeks each? Maybe if you shave once per week (even then you're pushing it) or have a face made of leather... or baby fine facial hair.
And the difference is 8 cartridges apparently cost you $22 or more normally.
8 DE blades will cost you somewhere in the neighborhood of $1-3.
So thanks, I'll stick "with" (not sure why you put that in quotes) my DE blades.

@craigthom: Huh... strange. I re-read my post and I didn't see the part where I said "you're wasting your money and the proper way to shave is the way I do it, not the way you do it." Can you point that part out to me please? All I recall mentioning is that a cheaper method exists and you freaking out about it.

Seems more like you're the one imposing this "everyone who doesn't agree with me is wrong" attitude.


@stryker4526: Try reading your message again.

First, you tell people they are being ripped off when they buy their blades. How is that not telling them they are wasting money?

Second, you tell people they should "Do (themselves) a favor" and do what you do. You are saying your way is superior to their way, no? If not, then how could they be doing themselves a favor?

You are not just claiming that using a safety razor works best for you. That would be a valid opinion. You are instead claiming it will work better for me and for everyone else. You have no way of knowing that, but that doesn't stop you.


@craigthom: Objectively from a cost standpoint (aka where I was speaking from) it DOES work better for everyone. That's not disputable.


@stryker4526: If cost is the only factor you consider important, then why shave at all? You'll save even more money.

Some of us consider other factors when making decisions, and cheaper is not always better.

Again, live your life the way you want to, but don't presume to tell me that your way will make mine better.


I discovered years ago that the best deal on razor blades is Gillette's disposables. They are the exact same blade as the Sensor, at a fraction of the price. You can get a box of 52 for about $28 at Sam's Club. Use it a week, then toss it. The box will last you a year.