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This game is excellent! I waiting in line for nearly an hour to get one at GenCon this last year... haven't ever thought twice about it. :)


In for one. This is a fantastic deal!


Any relation to the old Netrunner BBS game from the late 80s/early 90s?



Thematically; absolutely. Both were thematically very close to Shadowrun 1st Ed.

Gameplay; The BBS game was pretty close to the hacking in Shadowrun and avoiding ICE. Netrunner was more about agendas; more about Corp vs. Runner, but there are some similarities.


Hmmm.. Interesting to see this. I have a starter set from a version maybe 10 or 15 years ago.


@shyguy91284: Same game. Updated artwork and modernized themed with reworked/updated rules.

I also have the old one... it reminds me of the days of modems, Phrack, BBS' and FBI takedowns of Steve Jackson Games.


Ooooh, this is a fantastic deal! In for one. Thanks and repped.

This game is rated extremely well, almost a 9/10 on boardgamegeek.


@thefennec: And, that's with 1625 ratings. Most top games settle into the 6-7 range after 200+ ratings.

It's already #15 overall, #1 customizable, and #11 strategy.