deals30-pk super top extra long life batteries (aa or…


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Please be aware that these are Zinc Carbon batteries, not alkaline. In no way are they "heavy duty" or "long lasting." Yes they're cheap.... but in more ways than one.


Well, I am not saying anything bad about this particular item, but my overall experience with Daily Steals can be pretty much summed up as very bad.

I used it very actively about a 1-1.5 year ago, but … it appears that all (or almost all) products they sell and ship to you, are to some extend damaged, or not working, or in a bad shape, etc.
Examples: a wrist watch, an HP all-in-one printer, an MP4 portable player, etc, etc, etc.

I sent the broken watch back - got my refund, contacted the HP manufacturer and got my replacement through HP warranty, the player is still sitting in my closet, as all the buttons are so sensitive, that only one touch can give you a quick “ride” through almost all of the menu options of this player.

Their CS tries to help you , and in some cases they do help, but man… the time you spent on dealing with this, and level of frustration you are going through .
No Thanks, No more.


"Long life" is a misnomer. These are not alkaline and do not hold much of a charge.


Only way to get your money's worth from these batteries is to but a dozen in a sock and use it as a weapon. Surprised they still make this type of battery..Dailysteals is a site to avoid as well.


I guess by extra heavy duty they mean you'll need to buy it in industrial amounts to supply your needs.

A single pair of decent rechargeables will last much more in the long run and cost you the same. Not to mention some ecosaving on the side, it's a much more sensible deal.


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